$300 donation... YES A REAL ONE! Desperate for answers!


My grandfather just died and left an enormous amount of money to me and only me. I don't know if it's guilt or what, but my OCD is acting up! I have family asking for money and I feel so guilty having it all. I know OCD comes along with extreme stress, and that is for sure what I have! Here's my question:

My friends dog just had surgery and had a tube put in his neck to drain blood. Now the blood drips all over the floor as the dogs walking and my friend has to constantly clean it up. The other day I went to his house to do some yoga and laid my yoga mat on the floor, I noticed I smeared what looked to be drops of blood from the dog. Probably the size of a dime. About 3 drops of them! I picked up my mat about 3-5 minutes later to wrap it up and now I'm afraid that I touched the dog blood with the finger that I just had an ingrown nail pulled from. The cut is VERY deep at the edge and still bleeding with pus. If I touched the dog's blood and it got into that DEEP wound, COULD I GET INFECTED WITH HIV IF THE DOG HAS HIV?

Please give me some input. I came across this site through google and so happy I did! I will donate as soon as you return and possibly answer my question. I would feel honored and my grandfather would too, to be able to give this money to something so worth it! Thank you!



I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather's passing. Considering there are other family members asking you for money, it seems your grandfather was very wise to leave everything to you rather than the other greedy relatives!

Regarding your question, you can relax. It is absolutely impossible to contract HIV from a dog. The "H" in HIV stands for "Human" (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). Dogs cannot acquire it or transmit it. So even if you did your downward facing dog position right over a puddle of the pooch's fresh blood, there still would be absolutely no HIV-acquisition risk. None, zilch, nada!!!

Thank you for your generous donation to The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation (www.concertedeffort.org). I, too, am certain your grandfather would be extremely pleased that his money was being used to help folks in desperate need. You can certainly give the gift in honor of your grandfather, and the foundation will acknowledge the donation as such in thank-you letters you will receive.

Be well. Stay well. Many thanks on behalf of all those who will be touched by your (and your grandfather's) generosity.

Dr. Bob