$30 drunkin' debauchery Q&A


Ok doc I need you help. I'm so glad that I found this website and found you!! Good karma to you!

Here it goes...First off, I am female.. The other night while VERY drunk, I went to use a public restroom facility. I was wearing open sandals at the time. I remember getting the seat cover to place on the toilet and as I was doing that, I felt the coldness of the bathroom floor! I noticed my big toe had slipped out of my sandal and touched the floor! My toe at the time had a dry/ peeling callous!!(hard peeling skin) Now "if" there was HIV infected blood on the floor,(menstrual blood from a previous woman) could my 2 seconds on touching the floor with my peeling callous could have been a means for HIV transmission??

As soon as I felt the coldness of the floor, I slipped my foot back in my sandal properly. I looked at the floor and noticed it was VERY black and scuffed where my toe touched so I couldn't tell if blood was on the floor, plus I was drunkkk!

I will donate $30 donation and extra, extra karma points for you knowledgeable advice. Thank you so much and I appreciate all that you do! xoxo



Your HIV risk is completely nonexistent. If HIV were that easy to catch, it would have wiped out the planet long ago.

Stop worrying. Also stop drinking and "debauching" to excess!

Be well.

Dr. Bob