3 months of sex with hiv positive guy


Hi Doctor, my question its quite simple, I been having sex with my boyfriend for 3 months now as the "active" part, 100% of the times used a condom, and usually recive oral sex. He have just been diagnosed positive. Im I at risk? Thaks for your time. Sincerely Ignacio.


Hi Ignacio,

Thankfully you were wise enough to practice safer sexual techniques! BRAVO!

The HIV transmission/acquisition risk from condom-protected penetrative sex is essentially nonexistent assuming the latex (or polyurethane) condoms were used properly and did not fail (break). The transmission/acquisition risk from unprotected oral sex is very low, especially for the insertive partner.

I would suggest you get an HIV test at the three-month mark (and six-month mark, if you feel you've had a significant exposure). At this point the odds are very much in your favor that you did not contract HIV from your boyfriend.

I would also suggest both you and your boyfriend check out the information in the archives of this forum. We have whole chapters on magnetic couples, HIV sexual prevention, HIV sexual transmission, safer sexual practices and other related subjects.

Good luck to you both. I'm here if you need me.

Dr. Bob