3 month testing is only 85% reliable- recent research?


dr. bob hi. I hope u r well. I'm concerned because the drs on medhelp are now saying a 3 month rapid test is only 85% reliable due to new research. is this so? I had negative lab tests at 6 & 9 weeks and negative RNA pcrs as 10 days and at 9 weeks

but my 13 week test was a rapid one are my results still woohooable? :( I'm so terrified of having to take another HIV test

also are u aware or the research that these drs are referencing? do u know how they concluded that it's only 85? please post this. I hope all is well



Sorry, I have no idea what these physicians are talking about. There is no new research that I am aware of pertaining to the reliability of rapid tests. I would suggest you ask the physicians who wrote about this for additional information about the new research. Report back to us if it's anything more than a misunderstanding or misstatement, OK?

Dr. Bob