3 HIV Elisa test + 1 inconclusive WB 1 negative WB(same clinic) 4 rapid test - (2 different clinics)


Dr Bob

This all started back in july of 08 when i got my first + elisa and a inconclusive on the WB, I was retested a week later at the same place elisa + WB NEG. Had a uni-gold test done that day as well was neg. March of this yesr had another uni-gold test that was neg. Went back to the same health care provider June 8 and had the same + elisa so I went to get another rapid test done the same day at another clinic and it was neg, two days later I went to another clinic had another clear view rapid test and again neg. My risk is low been with 2 people over the last 5 years and when this all happened they were tested as well and they were neg. My wife also had a test done last week and the test was neg. Still waiting for the WB to come back. So if you know anything about this or have heard anything like this I would love the help. I don't want to be an over the board tester.

Thanks so much for what you are doing



You and your wife are definitively HIV negative. Your positive ELISA tests are false positives as demonstrated by your subsequent negative HIV tests, including a Western Blot. There are a number of potential causes for false-positive ELISA tests. The most likely is a nonspecific cross-reacting antibody. Please note that a positive ELISA plus a negative Western Blot is considered a "negative HIV test!" You've had way too many tests. Stop testing. You have essentially no HIV risk and the sum of your multiple tests to date confirms your HIV-negative status.

Why is your wife getting a Western Blot test if she has a negative ELISA? Western Blot tests should only be run to confirm a positive (repeatedly reactive) ELISA (or rapid test, EIA, etc.) test.

It seems to me that whoever is ordering all these tests for you and your wife does not understand how to order them appropriately or how to interpret the results!

Stop testing. You're fine.

Dr. Bob