2nd test and i hope its now safe to say im a worry well!


Hi dr bob jus like to thank u for all yr replies i " re: 4th post in as many weeks.. Eek" and my other subsequent post. Since than i went to get test at 6 days before e actual 6months date and..... Wait for it.... It came back -ve!!! :) thank you for all ur kind words u dun know how uplifting they were. This ordeal makes me realize that guilt and a persons mind is a powerful thing it makes everything seems like symptoms. To all those out there jus play it safe wear protection always and personally, refraining frm casual encounters and controlling yr temptations will be e best way to go. ive worried far too long and this second -ve test makes me realize ive another chance. Once again thanks dr bob! Wishing you a great year ahead!



Thanks for taking the time to write back and share both your good news and newfound insights.


Be well. Stay well.

Dr. Bob

Donated as promise, pls pls help a student out RE: 4th post in as many days eek! Dec 22, 2010

Hi dr bob,

Jus made a 25 dollar donation to your organization as promised in my post earlier post: "4th mail in as many days eeks" I hope e amount is alright as I'm still a student. Firstly, like to commend you on your work for sparing your time to others like me and giving crucial advice. Alas, again i may need another advice,I am concern dr bob, been having white tongue that seems to come on but not completely off I would scrap my tongue do all sorts of things to it I'm a non smoker and barely drink alcohol so I shldnt have a white tongue. Though I got tested at three months my white tongue makes me doubt e test. Im starting to think maybe e doc was in a rush and wanted to go home it was 840pmand almost closing time for e clinic, so I suspect he may have waited less than 20 mins. But I did hear e alarm ring but at that time I also realized that maybe it was too early? Ok rantings I know... So my qns is dear dr is the white tongue an ars symp in my case? Should I retest or can I trust my test??? Pls help I wanna wohoo and do e do with e gf again peacefully.... Pls pls reply? Thanks dr. and may u be healthy and hearty this festive season.

	Response from Dr. Frascino


Your fears are unwarranted. There are many potential causes for a "white tongue." For instance, it could be due to dry mouth or postnasal drip or be completely normal. Your negative three-month HIV antibody test is definitive. HIV is not your problem, and it is not the cause of your white tongue. No way. No how. Your concerns about the doctor rushing your test are irrational. Additional testing is not warranted, but if you do decide to retest, the result will undoubtedly again be negative. If you continue to be worried about your tongue, see your general medical doctor or an ear, nose and throat (ENT) physician for an evaluation.

Thanks for your donation to The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation (www.concertedeffort.org). It is warmly appreciated.

Stop worrying. Start WOO-HOO-ing. Happy Holidays.

Dr. Bob

4th post in I think as many days eeks, will donate! Nov 23, 2010 Hi dr! I'm superbly worried hence e many mails I send u i apologise if i seem to overbearing by sending so many mails, things have changed somewhat since my previous post i currently now have cough rn and fever up to 38 degrees celcius, below is e original post hope u will assess me as a WorryWell:

Dear dr,

I've been really paranoid of late I wanna put this episode behind me u see I did an oraquick test at 3 mnths and it came back negative. Prior to that I had semi liquid stools mud like almost and stomach sounds this went away. However I noticed my tongue became white I'm not a smoker and practice good oral hygiene moreover I seem to have sputum in my throat no cough no rn no fever and sometimes I taste blood in e sputum last I check I saw one of my gums bleeding all of these compounded together makes it hard to move on pls advise are these signs of HIV? Should I retest? My prob exp is anal fingering but dunno if there's blood or was there intention to infect me, brief unprotected oral and protected vaginal with csw this was my first time now I'm really afraid pls advise good doctor.

Thanks dr, Worried

	Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Worried,

Your fears are unwarranted. Your HIV-acquisition risk (brief unprotected oral, protected vaginal and anal fingering) is extremely low, assuming the latex condom was used properly and didn't break and that the skin on the fingering finger was intact.

Your negative three-month HIV-antibody test is definitive. Your symptoms are not worrisome for HIV acute retroviral syndrome (ARS). Certainly anxiety, stress and guilt are contributing to your symptoms, particularly because this was your "first time."

Stop worrying (and please stop sending daily posts!).

Dr. Bob