2nd round of ARS- 6 months post exposure


I believe I was exposed to HIV in early June 2009. I had all the signs of ARS over the summer and still feel fluish and fatigued. Now, I notice a light red rash over my torso and red pimple- like spots on my back and I have diarrhea. My hiv anti- body tests have been negative up to 20 weeks. I am concerned that the virus has been hiding until now. Have there been any cases like mine?



"Have there been any cases like mine?" Oh Lordy yes, yes, yes!!! Just peruse the archives of this forum and you'll find gazillions of cases very much like yours! Yes, indeed. Submissions from folks, who are definitively and conclusively HIV negative based on the overwhelming and incontrovertible evidence of multiple negative HIV tests yet who continue to worry that HIV is secretly lurking somewhere undiscovered and undetected in their body, are some of the most common types of questions I get. Have a look and see for yourself.

By the way, you, too, are a "worried well." That means you're both "worried" and "well"!

Dr. Bob