2nd Post - please answer cant sleep! WILL DONTATE


Dr. Bob,

I can imaging you are very busy and popular too! I very much admire the work you do. Over the last year my sexual encounters have been with unknown partners limited to protected vaginal and some unprotected oral sex.

  1. Cummlingus limited to clit shaft. NO tongue penetration. May have contacted fluids on tongue. On occassion Some light gingivitis (thin line of blood) and irritated tongue fissues (non bleeding)

  2. Fingering: had several hours old paper cut. Fingers inserted. few occasions

  3. My girlfriend has recently has had yeast infections and non itchy flat red patches that come and go and merge (inner right thigh, arm pit junction at back of both arms)

I have a slight penile yeast infection and persistant thin white coating on back of tongue.

Is this ARS.

Please help! WILL DONATE



"Cummlingus"???? Hmm. Great name! It sounds way more sexy and fun than cunnilingus.

Your HIV-acquisition risk is very low, assuming latex condoms were used properly for your protected vaginal sex.

I can't diagnose the exact cause of your or your girlfriend's symptoms, but it's exceedingly unlikely they would be caused by HIV ARS.

I would suggest you get a single HIV-antibody test at the three-month mark from the time of your last potential worrisome exposure. The odds are astronomically on your side that you did not contract HIV from these incidents.

Your girlfriend should follow up with her gynecologist for the yeast infections. You can follow up with your general internist or a dermatologist if needed.

Dr. Bob