2011: Grateful and Thankful

As an action-packed year for the HIV/AIDS community draws to a close, TheBody.com takes stock of 2011 in a new series of articles, "2011 HIV/AIDS Year in Review." Read the entire series here.

Teniecka Drake

Can you believe 2011 is coming to a close? For me this year has really been surprising and unique. There have also been some glitches here and there. Overall the year shaped up to be really good. What do I envision for the year of 2012?

In 2012 I truly hope to be more active in a different way. Getting involved in my community just has not been as easy for me. I do plan on venturing out with some projects in the works. Hopefully this time next year will bring about a change in scenery. 2012 does have a lot of exciting and unknowns for me, but I am ready for them!

With all of that said, I just want to be healthy and keep my family healthy as well. Of course, finding that silver lining in any dark cloud is my goal all the time. Whether we live with a condition or not, we all have something to be grateful and thankful for. I am truly grateful and thankful I have lived to see another wonderful year!

Since her HIV diagnosis in 2001 -- and her marriage, and the recent births of her three children -- Teniecka really has been taking life for more fun! She's spoken nationally about living with HIV, been in Ebony Magazine_, and now she's blogging to encourage other HIV-positive people in times when they might need a boost._

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