Hi Dr.

I think God is going to punish me for what I have done. I am still a virgin but I have been dating this guy for two weeks. I had a little too much alcohol and we ended up engaging in deep kissing and his penis slipped in my mouth on two occassions but it was not full on oral sex because I only gave him two sucks- but I did feel some pre semen in my mouth on the second suck- the entire situation lasted 10 seconds at the most with respect to his penis in my mouth. I am desperately worried I am going to be punished for what I have done. Am I at great risk for the disease- please PLEASE help me. I dont have bleeding gums but I did have a small cut inside my lip but it was obviously not bleeding at the time any of this happened. PLEASE HELP ANSWER MY QUESTION. ILL MAKE A DONATION I PROMISE. I just want to know I am healthy and did not do something to prevent me from getting married and having babies. PLEASE HELP!



I'm quite certain that God or whatever higher power you want to believe in does not punish people for oral sex. If he/she did, I'd either be in permanent detention with Dolores Umbridge or Hell by now. (One wonders if there is a difference.)

I must say I'm a bit confused by your story though. You were "deep kissing and his penis slipped into (your) mouth on two occasions . . . ." Hmmm . . . either your boyfriend has a giant schwanstucker or you were perhaps deep kissing his belly button? No matter. Your "10 seconds 2 sucks" certainly do not put you at "great risk." In fact, I'd place your risk in the negligible category. If you're worried, get a single rapid HIV test at the three-month mark. It will undoubtedly be negative. While you are waiting for the three-month definitive test, spend some time reading through the archives of this forum, paying particular attention to the sections on "oral sex" and "HIV sexual transmission." You should find the information there both enlightening and reassuring. Finally, I do hope you also realize that the big man (or woman) upstairs has more important things to do than punish you for some minimal tallywhacker tasting. HIV is a virus. It's not a religious curse.

Dr. Bob