2 second "dip" - what are the chances?



I got a massage a week ago. The masseur ended by straddling me (he was naked) on the table and jerking me off. Before I came, and without asking, he lifted himself up and slid his rectum over my penis - it happened, literally in an instant. I made him get off immediately. I was inside him, half way for about 2 seconds at most. I immediately ejaculated on my stomach, then ejaculated again. I asked him his HIV status and he told me he was positive. I then asked him if he had any STDs and he said that he had no STDs and was healthy and that his viral load had been at undetectable levels for a couple of years. I then went to the shower, urinated and washed with soap and water. I am circumcized, HIV NEGATIVE and healthy. I went to the San Francisco city clinic to discuss PEP treatment. After talking to a nurse practioner and a nurse, they seemed to be sending me many signals that the risk was low enough that it might not be necessary for PEP. I decided against the PEP treatment and now I wish that I hadn't. I know the chances are 5 in 10,000 for an insertive partner in prolonged intercourse, but what are the chances of me acquiring HIV in this instance? I am incredibly scared and this is now occupying my thoughts all the time. Please let me know.




Hello Todd,

There are no exact statistical risk estimates for a two-second dip. Needless to say, since your exposure was so incredibly brief, your risk would be significantly mitigated. However, since there was some unprotected backdoor action with a confirmed positive backdoor, HIV testing is indeed warranted. Excessive worrying is not.

Good luck Todd.

Dr. Bob