13 months negative ab test but still worried


Good day Dr Bob-i am no stranger to this forum as evidenced by my posts in April and August (Im Positive im positive howelse could i have OHL?)

I took your advice and am working with a clinical psychologist.I was on the verge of loosing my job at a University in the Gauteng Province of South Africa, as i was literary falling apart.And I thank you for that piece of advice.

My concern at this point is that of oral hairy leukoplakia-which reupted just under two weeks of my contact.If it is not caused by HIV, what could be the problem.I have a fuzzy out break of hairy uncomfortable white patches on the serfaces of my tongue that stretch from the back to the tip of my tongue while the sides are marked by thin margins of normal pink.

Secondly -i telephoned University of Pretoria's Center for HIV Research and they could not confirm the conclusiveness of any HIV test-all they could say was that the longer i tested negative the better-meaning they were very evasive about what others claim as fact.

I would like to know if I do not fall under the rare HIV cases i.e a seronegative case of HIV sub C infection (which was documented by Harvard Medical school) of a Botswana woman who tested negative but was concluded Positive by PCR exhibiting the usuall telling symptoms-and subsiquently dieing of AIDS.

What guarantee do I have that my case is different and that if I were to get married to day -there will be no chance of passing on HIV to my wife to be.

I aquired HPV from the contact 13months ago,im 33 ,dont smoke ,drink frequently but not heavily.

1)What can I make of my OHL infection? 2) What guarantee do i have all things remaining equal that I can possibly pass on something more dangerous than HPV to my wife to be?

Many thenks Dr Bob



Welcome back to the forum.

I'm delighted you are getting psychotherapy.

  1. I'm not convinced you have OHL (oral hairy leukoplakia). Even if you did, the cause would not be HIV related.

  2. Your guarantee is the overwhelming and irrefutable evidence of your repeatedly negative (and highly excessive) HIV testing. By the way what guarantee do you have that every headache you get is not a terminal brain tumor? Do you get a head CT scan and start planning your funeral every time you get a tension headache?

My assessment and advice remain unchanged. Your problem is (and always has been) psychiatric, not virologic. Continue to work with mental health professionals. You may require the expertise of a psychiatrist (MD) rather than a non-MD clinical psychologist to best evaluate and manage your problem.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob

Im positive that im positive, howelse could i have OHL? Aug 16, 2010

Dr Bob you will remember me from my request "DONT BELIEVE IM NEGATIVE AFTER 6 MONTHS TEST(please don't forsake me)-im at the 11 month mark and im convinced i must be positive because of OHL that i have on the surface of my toungue and an abysmall CD4 count of 450.I am still testing negative and stumbled accross some information that rapid tests are only 85% effective.I am just bearly hanging on.Most Drs want to dismiss the issue but cant explain my OHL.I do realise that i fret more than the avarage Joe Soap but look at this i have sex with a SAfrican sex worker get HPV (warts) experience Ars type symptoms including a patchy uncomfortable hairy toungue OHL (up till present).Please help me i dont want to wake up dead without a fighting chance by being on meds.

	Response from Dr. Frascino


No matter how many times you ask, my assessment and advice will not change. See below. I advised you in April that you were HIV negative and needed psychiatric help. Here we are in August and you continue to be "convinced" you are HIV infected, despite additional negative (and unwarranted) HIV tests. The information you stumbled across about rapid tests is not accurate. Besides, you've also had negative ELISAs and undetectable PCR tests! You do not need antiretrovirals. You need a psychiatrist. I really can't say it any more straightforward than that.

Dr. Bob


Dr Bob,

I had a dodgy encounter with a South African street prostitute (very stupid)i was drunk- and used the womans condom.I was not fully erect and felt i was slipping out of the condom though not entirely-i was in there for about 5 minuets (sunday morning)-On monday morning i began sweating (after eating and after very superficial physical exertion for 2 weeks) -that evening i noticed 2 yellow lessons on my frenulum.After 1 1/2 weeks i had a dry mouth and a white toungue (hours prior to that occuring I was so nervous and anxious that i took about 8 antidepressent pils -a mild antidepressent BIRAL(4)and a level 5 (4)antidepressent (STRESSOL).

I experienced joint muscle pains, diarhea (4hrs) nausea (week7), malaise (week7) Lymph node swelling in groin area both sides/ painless(week 9)-night sweats (week 7).

I have since had 20 tests including a pcr (25days) Negative, ELIZA tests (3,5 months) and a Rapid test at 6 months.

I still have a white hairy coating on my toungue which is uncomfortable and burns depending on my anxiety levels.

I dont have a reason to believe in the tests as i have heard that in South Africa its not uncommon to test positive after the 9 month mark. I dont take IV drugs ,and im not on chemo or PEP.I am determined to test till kingdom come.What can you advise I no longer know who i am-have lost money,frends and am scared to loose my job next.

Response from Dr. Frascino


Your problem is psychological, not virological. You are definitively and conclusive HIV negative. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. No additional HIV testing is warranted. Those are the facts. Whether you choose to believe reality is totally up to you.

Even though HIV is definitively not your problem, you do indeed have a serious medical problem that requires intervention. From reading your post, there is no doubt anxiety, depression and irrational and unwarranted fear of being HIV infected are your real problems. For example:


-- "I was so nervous and anxious that I took about 8 antidepressant pills . . . ."

-- "I have since had 20 tests including a PCR, ELISA, and Rapid" (all negative).

-- ". . . My tongue is uncomfortable and burns depending on my anxiety levels."

-- "I am determined to test till kingdom come."

-- "I no longer know who I am . . . I have lost money, friends, and am scared to lose my job next."

My strong advice is to seek psychiatric help. You need assistance in confronting your irrational fears and accepting the truly wonderful news that you dodged the HIV bullet despite your "dodgy encounter." You now have irrefutable and overwhelming evidence you are HIV negative. Psychotherapy (counseling) and anti-anxiety/antidepressant medications can be invaluable in helping you regain both your physical and psychological well-being. Testing till kingdom come while your life falls apart around you is not a good option!

Dr. Bob