12 months test?


hi Dr Robert! First of all i really want to thank you for the best work i ve ever seen in the internet.congratulations! secondly i want to ask what are the special occasions that someone has to get tested for hiv 12 months after his possible exposure.. would a 6th month eliza test be 100% conclusive? thanks in advance paul greece


Hello Greek-Paul,

Most published guidelines suggest a three-month HIV test is definitive. A six-month follow-up test is recommended for certain circumstances, such as occupational exposures, post-PEP follow-up testing and significant exposure to a partner known to be HIV positive. HIV testing beyond six months is not recommended. In the extremely rare situation in which HIV status is still in question at six months for instance a rare immunoglobulin-deficiency disorder we would use other types of tests to determine whether or not someone was HIV infected. These other tests do not depend on anti-HIV antibodies, but rather test for specific components of the virus itself. These tests are not recommended for routine HIV screening, but can be helpful in sorting out unclear or indeterminate HIV-antibody test results.

Dr. Bob