10TH TIME..WRITING. pls reply ...especialy for the WORRIED people out there


hi Dr.Bob....this is my 10th time writing to u. from past 2 month .you never replied to my questions . i guess ur inbox must have been loaded with mails .so u might have missed mine. this story will give MAJOR relief to all the worried people out there. . my story starts about 8 months ago when i was on vacation to india. i met this gurl in a club .i had seen her a couple of times b4 but then we talked dat night and later on ended up in her house having drunk unprotected sex 4 times throught the night. i was so stupid. after the sex i realised n asked her if she was safe . she replied yes(which i thought she was lying). later on this gurl never cared if i would call her the next day or say hi to her if i see her.. dat made me more curious . i was sure she was HIV positive. after a month i came back to the middle east . and 2 months after exposure i started getting symptoms like low grade fevers constantly. feel extremely tired. lazy .not concentrating at all . used to feel like crying. after 3 months i got soft painless swollen lymph nodes in my armpits(armpits look fatty)and also my groin. i guess even the lymph nodes in my neck are swollen but i cannot feel them.my lymph nodes are painless . after 6 months of exposure my low grade fevers which started 2 months after the exposure went away...however swollen lymph nodes remain even till now its been almost 9 months.i was 100 % sure i was hiv positive. as swollen lymph nodes are the 1st sign of hiv.. i also have a white tongue at the back of my toungue .but washes away when i brush which i thought was trush. then i had a purple lesion inside the mouth which went away. so finally the day came when i had to get an hiv test as it is compulsary in the middle east to get one because they do not allow hiv + people to live here. i was scared to death. after one week of no sleep . today i got my results with my visa renewed ...and i am HIV NEGATIVE!!!.. i couldnt beleive my eyes .however i din see the medical report. but i see my visa as they dont renew your visa if the medical test is not passed(that is HIV test) so this proves i am hiv negative i hope. also doctor 9 months after the HIGHLY HIGHLY RISKY 4 TIMES UNPROTECTED SEX WITH A GURL FROM A BAR is conclusive right??..i hope so.. i did take one test 3 days after the exposure(-ve) but that doesnt count at all.. i donno wat kind of hiv test they do there whether its elisa or western blot. but its taken very seriously here. so doctor all i want to tell u is ur an an amazingggg human being ive spent almost 6 months readin every single post and ur replies. i wish u a very healthy longgg life.. we need more human beings like you in this world.. For all the worried people out there like DR.BOB SAYS DOOO NOTTT RELY ON SYMPTOMS ive had all the symptoms of hiv...but thank god i am hiv negative 9 months after the riskiest exposure ever... Thank u mr bob... thanks alott..pls reply back abt the few q's i asked as to whether my test is conclusive?.and what do i do about my lymph nodes dat never go away?



Well I guess the 10th time is the charm, eh? Thanks for writing in and sharing your story and your good news! WOO-HOO!

As for your questions:

  1. Yes, a negative test nine months after a potential exposure is indeed conclusive.

  2. I can't diagnose the cause of your swollen lymph nodes over the Internet. There are many potential causes. I'd suggest you have your general medical doctor evaluate this for you in person. One thing is for certain: The cause is not HIV!

Be well. Stay well.

Dr. Bob