103 Day Testing


Hi Bob, Please help me.I been asking this question so many times and I know you are busy helping guys like me.PLEASE HELP ME THIS TIME. I been tested at 9 weeks and 11 weeks both PCR HIV DNA and ELISA test and both came NEGATIVE. Then I also took the ELISA test at 103 days both for HIV-1 and also HIV-2,and the result came NEGATIVE.Can I say WOOH-Hooo or do I need to wait longer. The reason I am asking this is I have a burning feeling in my hands all this time and I had pain in my Groin for the last 1 month.I tested for Neuropathy and Doc told me I am fine and I don't know why I am feeling like this. I read on the internet that HIV can mimic Neuropathy.Is that correct? Please suggest me for this and tell me do I need to test at 6 months. The contribution is on the way. I quite convinced that the your suggestions are more worth than the contributions we do. May GOD BLESS YOU.



Multiple negative ELISAs and PCR HIV DNAs out to 103 days are definitive and conclusive. HIV is not your problem.

You "tested for neuropathy and doc told you that you are fine;" therefore, neuropathy is not your problem either. So why are you even worried about whether HIV can mimic neuropathy? You don't have either condition.

I would suggest you ask your doctor for a referral for some counseling. You seem to be having difficulty accepting your HIV-negative status. Anxiety may be the cause of your symptoms. It's worth checking out, if a physical cause can't be found.

Thanks for your contribution to my foundation (www.concertedeffort.org). Your one gift will touch many lives!

Feel better soon, OK?

Dr. Bob