100USD Donated already! Worried oral sex 2nd att.


Dear Dr. What you do is a great job here. God blace you. I am from Turkey/Istanbul, 30 year old married male. In my whole life, I cheated my wife once, 10 weeeks ago with a sex worker abroad. (suicide :(( Protected vaginal sex, unprotected oral sex (insertive) I had. I know, these are very very low risk activities. However, till I received your website and learn it, I became so nervous when I saw the other websites. Could these be ARS symptoms, what I recently had and have: 7 days later burning sensation on the tongue and dry mouth. My dentist diagnosed as a geographical tonge. (I didn'T know if I had it previously from anxiety??) app.8 weeks later, tingling sensation in my eye and face and I have it since 2 weeks + I am a bit light head. No fewer, no swallen glands, no skin problem. Do you consider my situation as ARS? Am I in trouble DR?? Thank you very much if you answer me.


Hello Turkey-Guy,

I absolutely agree with you. Your HIV risk from the activities you describe would be very, very low. Your symptoms are not suggestive of ARS, but rather highly suggestive of anxiety.

"Suicide"??? No. Guilt and anxiety??? Yes!

If you remain concerned, get HIV tested at the three-month mark, but realize such testing is primarily to calm your fears! O.K.?

Regarding the guilt and anxiety, I suggest you level with your wife. The best way to cope with guilt is to confront it head on. We are all human. That means we all make mistakes. Yes, even yours truly! The important thing is to admit to our shortcomings, accept the consequences of our actions and learn from our mistakes. Strong relationships are built on honesty. As it turns out, it really is the best policy!

Thank you for your generous donation. Your one gift will touch many lives. I'm sending you my very best good-luck karma that your HIV tests will be negative. Although, in all honesty, due to your extremely minimal risk, I strongly doubt you'll need the luck.

Dr. Bob