Was 100% sure of being positive - I'm Negative!


Hey there,

I just taught I would tell everyone my story for the past three years, first of all let me tell you the three years of my life have been a living hell!! It all started when I had unprotected sex with a total stranger three years ago. The next day I was talking to my friend who said to me you better get checked for HIV as that girl has obviously done this before and she was travelling the world so god only knows how many guys she has been with following my conversation with my friend I got talking to a guy who knew a bit about HIV and he told me the symptoms, about a week after I spoke to him I had flu like symptoms, night sweats, a rash on the palm of my hand, pains in my joints, slight whiteness on my tongue, diarrhea, I had every symptom you could imagine. About 4 months later I went to a doctor and got tested which came back negative, I was so relieved it was unbelievable but then I kept getting the symptoms and just thought to myself if I got tested again after 6 months it would most definitely be positive so I never went back to the doc and resigned myself to the fact that I had HIV so for the past three years I have woken up in the morning thinking about HIV, went to work thinking about HIV, went to bed at night thinking about HIV, had night mares about HIV so basically it took over my life and I really do believe that I have made stupid decision in the last few years because I didnt care as I thought I was not going to be a alive in the long term so why should I care! Over the last few months I was getting pains all over my stomach and groin, got so serious I couldnt sleep at night so I thought OK this is the HIV destroying my insides and before I know it Ill be on a hospital bed dying last week I had to go to the doctor and he suggested that I go to the hospital to get checked out for the stomach pains, I went the hospital to see what it was and then the doctor said I will need to take blood samples the minute I heard that I thought this is the day I find out for definite I have HIV he took the blood tests and I had to wait 90 minutes for the results, it was the longest 90 minutes of my life, I saw him come out of his office and walk down the corridor towards me, my heart was beating so fast and I was a nervous wreck, I could picture him in my head saying Im sorry but your HIV positive. He came down and called me into his office and turned to me and said, Youre a very very healthy man and I cant explain why you are getting the stomach pains Well as you can imagine I felt like hugging him, I was on cloud 9, my life is back and now I appreciate it so much! Believe me I know how lucky I am and will never do something stupid like I did that night 3 years ago and will appreciate my life so much more! It turns out that it was the stress of me thinking I was sick that actually made me feel sick so if I can say anything to you worried people out there, just because you have every single symptom it does not mean your positive! So please stop worrying and just go and get tested (I know its easier said than done) but believe me you will feel better in the end even if it is positive because I have learned since then that most people who are treated in the early stages can go on to live a normal healthy life!

Good luck everyone and stop worrying and also remember that you control your mind and dont let it control you!!!!



Another "100% sure of being positive" turns out to be 100% negative. Surprise, surprise! I'll add you to the impressively long and rapidly growing list of similar testimonials in the archives. Welcome to our X-Files! (Ex-Worried Wells)

Stay well. I'm sure you will.

Dr. Bob