$100 what is my status


i have sex with a girl 10 month agovery first symptoms was fever with chills then after some day i have very severe flu at the same time i have typhoid after that for 4 week i have severe chills and within these days i have candida in mouth soon after this i have burning of hand and feet i at that time i feel i am burning on coals in this time i have short memory all these symptoms are still present in addation to these symptoms i have over body heating and feeling a strange feeling in my back with heating the cool air of a.c strike me hot specially on hand and face feet are to hot to wear shoes in brain feel hotness and coldness in the nostrils always some thing ,facing sneezing in morning and evening every day. after five month i have meia and elisa rapid test meia value was o.220 and elisa was 20 currently i so tired and facin so much fatigue plz help me



Your negative ELISA test five months after your potential exposure is conclusive. HIV is not your problem. You are HIV negative. I can't diagnose the cause of your symptoms over the Internet, but I can tell you what's not causing them: It's not HIV! Some of your symptoms may be due to stress and other symptoms, such as sneezing, may be due to allergy. Your general medical doctor should be able to evaluate these complaints for you.

Thank you for your donation to the Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation. It's warmly appreciated.

Be well. Remember, HIV is not your problem, OK?

Dr. Bob