100% HIV +ve from Oral Sex [ Medical Doctor]


Dear Dr Bob, I have a unique case unlike any other...(yeah where Have I heard this before) ...I can definetly say that I have HIV + from unprotected oral sex with an escort. Men like myself with foreskins are I feel at an infinetly higher risk from acquiring HIV from infected partner because of the large surface area and friction from wild oral sex....My symptoms so far 6 weeks after 5 minute of oral sex exposure(I am a 25 year old male) are 1)Burning pains in hands and all over my entire leg 2)Smaller willy 3)Straightening of scalp and arm hair 4)Hypertrichosis(sudden lengthtening of eye lashes) 5)Thinning of wrist , and sudden fat deposition on my abdomen (six pac now looking more like a one pac) 6)Slightly prominent red veins in the eyes 7)Tongue is red and looks normal but constant burning tip for the last 3 days... 8)Bilateral wasting of quadriceps

Test so far, 3weeks post exposure (HIV 1 and 2 antibody -ve) p24 -ve, 6 weeks post exposure (HIV 1 and 2 antibody -ve)

Now waiting for 6 weeks PCR and p24, Dr Bob, What do you think my chances of being positive are now......do you think I ll turn out positive...there is no other way to explain my physical symptoms..the burning pain is worse when I am doing my ward rounds and sitting still, dont feel it in the night so much and my sleep is largely unaffected...but in med school they say if it barks like one, looks like one..it surely is one...Dr Bob, I hope I am wrong but there symptoms are overwhelmingly paralysing.....I can safely conclude that if you have neuropathy and candida after exposure...chances are your are positive....If anyone reads this, DONT EVER engage in UNPROTECTED ORAL, ONE BLOW AINT WORTH YOUR LIFE.....Point to note, apart from Unprotected oral, I then received a hand job and left it at that....



So you are 100% sure you contracted HIV from a five-minute unprotected blowjob???? Now let's see. The reasons you are so convinced include:

  1. Negative HIV tests (HIV-1, HIV-2, and p24) at three weeks.

  2. Negative HIV tests (HIV-1, HIV-2) at six weeks.

Yeah, I can certainly see why you'd be convinced you were positive with results like that. But wait, what about the "symptoms"!?! Well let's see . . . straightening of scalp and arm hair??? Oh my! And a sudden lengthening of eye lashes??? Please tell me you're kidding! And we certainly can't neglect something as alarming as your "smaller willy"!!! Did you go from Hung Wankenstein to Head-in-the-Bushes overnight or was this a gradual change? I shudder at the thought that you are in fact a "medical doctor" as your title suggests. Where did you find information that "symptoms" such as these are suggestive of (let alone diagnostic of) HIV disease? Perhaps "The Medical Journal of Irreproducible Results" (always a favorite of the Bush/Cheney camp)?!? I can only assume you may have gotten your medical degree off E-Bay and that your "ward rounds" are either imaginary or perhaps isolated to just the locked psych ward.

But what about your other symptoms?!? "Thinning of wrist"? Hmmm . . . was it fat before? "Bilateral wasting of quadriceps"? Do you really think you have AIDS wasting (a late-stage complication) six weeks after your blowjob? Hmmm . . . at this accelerated rate AIDS deterioration, you'll certainly be dead by the time you finish reading this post. Regarding your hand, leg and tongue symptoms, they are not "neuropathy" or "Candida."

Look, Dr. Psycho, just to review what you should have learned in medical school:

  1. Oral sex, particularly insertive oral sex, carries an extremely low risk for HIV disease, whether you have your drapes in place or not.

  2. Your "symptoms" are not consistent with or suggestive of HIV ARS or HIV disease.

If you are indeed 100% convinced you are HIV positive, based on what you've told me, you should immediately put your medical degree through the nearest paper shredder, because I can't believe you'd be capable of popping a pimple without jumping to the wrong diagnosis. Let me put this in the veterinary terms you seem to understand. What you have doesn't bark like HIV; it doesn't look like HIV and it surely is not HIV. OK?

I'd recommend you get counseling and then repeat your four years of medical school, one year of internship and four years of residency.

Dr. Bob