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Does CBD THC free help in people with hiv or one has to take the CBD oil which has some thc


Hello and thanks for this great question. I believe that CBD oil has great promise for helping with some of the side effects of HIV and HIV medications. I myself have started using it for neuropathy (still trying to find the most effective dose).

CBD oil has been shown to have beneficial effects, including reducing anxiety and pain. Marijuana itself has been shown to be beneficial for many aspects of HIV and there have been no studies that indicated serious interaction between antiretrovirals and cannabinoids. While much of the research available online is from sites advocating for CBD oil there should be no interaction.

If you live in a state or country where CBD oil is legal you should consult with a healthcare provider with knowledge in this area. As we gain more clinical experience you may find that a combination of oils works best. For example, an oil with a high CBD to TCH ratio (like 20 to 1) may be useful during the day along with a 1:1 ratio oil before bed. The latter will make you sleepy and may be psychoactive.

Do speak with your healthcare provider to be certain about incorporating CBD oil into your regimen.

Best wishes for beneficial results from the CBD oil,