1 time encounter


Hello. I am a woman who had unprotected vaginal sex 5 weeks ago with someone who has an unknown status. I had not had sex for over a year up until this encounter and was HIV and STD free. I knew he was clean up until a week prior when he slept with a woman who had been with one other person. I took an at home oraquick test today. I know 3 months is the 99.9% accuracy. I read a lot or forums which said 95% of newly infected could test positive 4-6 after occurrence. Can I rest any knowing this test was negative? It was a one time occurrence and just vaginal sex.


Hi The testing guidelines for HIV are to be initially tested at 3 weeks post exposure and then again at 90 days. As long as there are no other exposures happened during this time frame than the results are conclusive.

I would recommend that you get tested again at the 90 day point, but yes it is a good sign that at 5 weeks you are showing HIV negative results. You are in the window period where someone can actually have HIV and the test results can be negative. The test is looking for your body building antibodies against HIV and everyones body develops those at different rates.

Also just a quick stigma response to your comment about him being clean. If you look at that statement from another direction, that would make me dirty. The better wording to use is HIV free or STI free. Speaking of STI's I would recommend that you get a full screening for those as well as having unprotected sex puts you at risk for all of the STI's not just HIV and those are easier to get.

Be well and stay safe, Shannon