1 pill a day w/o Efavirenz


Are there any once a day ARvs available that doesn't contain Efavirenz?

Currently using Aluvia and Tenemine.

Thank you!


Hello and thanks for posting.

There are six FDA-approved single pill combinations for the treatment of HIV. They include the NNRTI-containing pils tenofovir/FTC/efavirenz (Sustiva); tenofovir DF/FTC/rilpivirine (Complera); tenofovir AF/FTC/rilpivirine (Odefsey).

Integrase inhibitor-containing tenofovir DF/FTC/elvitegravir/cobicistat (Stribild); tenofovir AF/FTC/elvitegravir/cobicistat (Genvoya) and abacavir/3TC/dolutegravir (Triumeq).

Understanding your treatment history and viral resistance patterns is critical to ensure the success of treatment switches (especially for regimen simplification). Because you're taking Alluvia (known here as Kaletra), I wonder if your virus has drug resistance mutations. If so, the non-nuke combinations might not be the best option for you, while it's possible that the integrase regimens might retain activity. There is a boosted PI combination of tenofovir AF/FTC/darunavir/cobicistat in development. This regimen would be similar in activity to your current regimen.

Hope that's helpful, BY