$1.8 Billion in HIV/AIDS Care From Feds

The US Department of Health and Human Services on Monday said it has released more than $1.84 billion in grants for care and treatment of HIV/AIDS patients for fiscal year 2010. The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program funds help patients whose insurance and income are inadequate to cope with the disease, HHS said.

About $1.145 billion will go to Part B awards, including formula-based grants for home- and community-based support, insurance continuation, and other direct services. The bulk, $800 million, is designated for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP). Sixteen states will also receive Emerging Community grants based on the number of AIDS cases in the most recent five-year period.

Primary care and support services funded under Part A grants will receive $652 million. The awards are disbursed to metropolitan areas with larger HIV/AIDS patient caseloads and to transitional grant areas with increasing HIV/AIDS cases and growing care needs.

Part C funds for early intervention services for medical, nutritional, mental health, and other treatments total more than $48.1 million. These grants typically go to community health centers and nonprofit primary health care providers. In addition, the funds can be tapped to hire case managers to link patients to care and treatment. More Part C grants will be announced in July, HHS said.

Of the funds, 75 percent must go to "core medical services," with the remainder to services that help achieve desired medical outcomes. Instances of the latter include respite care, medical transport, and linguistic services.

For a list of Part A awards, visit http://newsroom.hrsa.gov/releases/2010/parta.htm; for Part B awards, visit http://newsroom.hrsa.gov/releases/2010/partb.htm; and for Part C awards, visit http://newsroom.hrsa.gov/releases/2010/partc.htm.