Meet Our Contributors

TheBody wouldn't be TheBody without the hundreds of people and dozens of organizations that have contributed to our site since we started dishing out HIV information and support in 1995.

Aaron Anderson
Aaron Anderson

Aaron Anderson is an activist, consultant, and former talk show host. Aaron is also co-founder of ARISE (Association of Refugees, Immigrants, and Survivors of Human Trafficking Engage). He is from Cleveland and is now living in Detroit.

Aaron Laxton Img
Aaron Laxton

Aaron Laxton, M.S.W., has been an HIV activist, LGBT advocate, and active public speaker since the day of his diagnosis in 2011.

Abdul-Aliy A Muhammad Img
Abdul-Aliy A Muhammad

Abdul-Aliy is a Black, queer-, non-binary Philadelphia native who has been living with HIV since 2008. They've worked extensively in HIV prevention and advocacy.

Ace Robinson, M.P.H.
Ace Robinson

Ace Robinson is a leading HIV advocate and population health expert. He is a board director of the Avielle Foundation and co-chairs the LA County HIV Commission's Standards & Best Practices Committee.