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What’s Happening With New HIV Treatments? Three Big Areas to Watch

There’s a lot happening in the field of new HIV treatments. Here’s an overview of the major developments and where the research for each stands.

Victor I. Cazares

“HIV Is Not the Worst Thing That Can Happen to You”: An Interview With Playwright Victor I. Cazares

Cazares is a surrealist, nonbinary playwright whose works have brought them acclaim for their candid dives into the absurdities of sex, squalor, and capitalism.

By Juan Michael Porter II
Ritchie Torres

Why LGBTQ People Should Run for Political Office

One of the most effective ways to make sure LGBTQ+ rights are on the agenda is to get a seat at the table.

By Juan Michael Porter II
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What You Need to Know About the New Coronavirus and HIV

The latest medical advice from HIV doctors and health experts on how to remain healthy if you're living with HIV during this COVID-19 outbreak.

By Mathew Rodriguez

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Black patient exam room

Protecting Black Women From Unnecessary Hysterectomies: An Interview With Joy Sewing

Black women disproportionately undergo an invasive treatment for fibroids, even when other choices exist.

By Juan Michael Porter II
HIV Prevention and Transmission

Jason Domino Wants You to Get Off and Get Information About HIV

This activist porn actor and sex worker is creatively spreading information about HIV prevention and fighting stigma against HIV-positive porn actors.

By Charles Sanchez
HIV/AIDS Outside the U.S.

Is Lockdown the Ideal Time to Test for HIV and Other STIs at Home?

European organizations weigh in on what’s worked for home testing programs over the past year.

By Emmett Patterson
BLM activist
Populations Living With HIV

Why the Chauvin Verdict Helped Me Feel Heard

“I feel there is an open door right now. ... I’d like to think that our fallen predecessors have created a lane for us to use and exhibit our due diligence for the next generation.”

By Candis Y. McDow
Salih edit2
HIV in Books and Publishing

Zak Salih Talks About His New Intergenerational Gay Novel, ‘Let’s Get Back to the Party’

Set in D.C. the summer before Trump’s win, the story toggles between two childhood friends—lovelorn, moody Sebastian and angry, sex-focused Oscar.

By Tim Murphy
harm reduction
Populations Living With HIV

Criminalizing Drug Use Isn't Good Public Health. Safe Supply Offers an Alternative.

Canada is saving lives by cutting out the toxic drug supply that has dramatically increased overdoses—and providing drugs directly through health care services.

By Juan Michael Porter II

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