Along the Road to Joy: Soul Music and a Shift in Perspective

For many Black gay men, the path to freedom and self-expression is anything but a straight line.

AWNY 2019 kelsey louie

Lessons From 7 Years as GMHC’s CEO: A Conversation With Kelsey Louie

Defining moments and lessons learned from leading the world’s first HIV and AIDS nonprofit.

By Terri Wilder, M.S.W.
Queer Liberation and cops

Did NYC’s Pride Organizers and Its Queer Cops Group Ever Really Discuss the Cops Marching Without Uniforms and Guns?

The issue has cracked the city’s main Pride organizing group down the middle—but it’s unclear who’s not budging on what could be a key compromise.

By Tim Murphy
POSE 307 4028r

From Pilot to Finale, ‘Pose’ Lived for Our Community

The acclaimed LGBTQ drama series’ finale served as a feast of realness mixed with tributes to real life.

By Juan Michael Porter II

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Let's Get Back to Queer producer team, Glenn Quentin George Jr., Brandon Nicholas, and Shannon Shird

Exploring What It Means to Be Black and Queer: An Interview With Podcaster Brandon Nicholas

The host of “Let’s Get Back to Queer” on what listeners can expect and why spaces that center Black LGBTQ identities are sacred.

By Juan Michael Porter II
Nora Burns with her friend David
History of HIV/AIDS

Back When They Called It ‘Gay Cancer’

In the early 1980s, LGBTQ people grew increasingly worried about 'gay cancer'; but many wrote it off as a government-led conspiracy.

By Tim Murphy
Woman speaking to a mental health counselor
Mental Health

A Mental Illness Diagnosis Changed My Life for the Better

After a bipolar-disorder diagnosis, Candis Y. McDow found healing and a renewed sense of purpose through therapy, medication, and writing.

By Candis Y. McDow
Black doctor and patient

Black People Have Always Used Self-Reliance to Fight Health Care Inequities

That stark disparities in HIV/AIDS and COVID-19 cases and deaths exist is not a failing of Black people, but rather a failing of the U.S. government and its adjoining health agencies.

By Tuyishime Claire Gasamagera
Ulysses Dove with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company in Tread
HIV in the Arts

Honoring Ulysses Dove, 25 Years After His Death From HIV

We celebrate the life and contributions of the renowned Black choreographer and dancer whose work told the human story, pushed through struggle, and shattered stigma.

By Juan Michael Porter II
HIV Prevention and Transmission

The CDC Is Updating PrEP Guidelines. Here’s Why I Wish These Updates Existed Sooner.

The new draft guidance opens the door for PrEP discussions for “all sexually-active persons.”

By Juan Michael Porter II

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