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Here’s the Latest on COVID-19 Vaccine Priority for People Living With HIV in the U.S.

As of our most recent update, 12 states have added all PLWH to their Phase 1c rollout, but prioritization is changing rapidly as states develop their plans and additional vaccine doses become available.

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Older Black Women Aren’t Being Told About PrEP to Prevent HIV

Stereotypes, neglect, and lack of outreach are standing in the way of older Black women’s access to this prevention tool.

By Juan Michael Porter II
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Could Raising the Minimum Wage Be the Best Way to Fight HIV?

Making sure everyone has enough money to live on can protect HIV-negative people from vulnerability to HIV infection and keep the viral loads of people living with HIV undetectable.

By Juan Michael Porter II
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When It Comes to Gays Partying Maskless, Does Shaming Serve a Purpose?

Public health experts say it only makes things worse, but it can still feel necessary.

By Tim Murphy

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Panel for the Human Rights Campaign's National Black HIV Awareness Day Event
HIV Advocacy and Activism

Gilead Gives Yet More Money to Community Groups Combating HIV in Black and Latinx Communities

Via the Human Rights Campaign, the pharma giant will dole out $3.2 million, its latest investment in a complicated relationship with the HIV community.

By Tim Murphy
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HIV-Related Policy Issues

Overdose Prevention Sites Work, but They Face an Uphill Battle in the U.S.

The fight for places where drug users can shoot up safely isn’t over—but it’s competing with an effort to expand access to medications that block addiction.

By Tim Murphy
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Living Well With HIV

Stable Housing Is Essential to Ending the HIV Epidemic

Will President Biden keep his promises to fund affordable housing and prevent homelessness?

By Juan Michael Porter II
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Approved HIV Medications

Viread for HIV Treatment and Prevention: Everything You Need to Know

Viread (a.k.a. TDF or tenofovir disoproxil fumarate) turns 20 this year, but it's still a very common medication taken by people living with HIV or as PrEP.

By Michael Broder
Sero Project staff members Kamaria Laffrey, Tami Haught, and Cindy Stine during preparations for the HIV Is Not A Crime Conference (HINAC).
HIV Advocacy and Activism

Trump May Be Gone, but the HIV Criminalization Fight Goes On

There’s still work to do, even under a more progressive administration.

By Giuli Alvarenga
Mental Health

How Kink Can Be Used to Help Your Mental Health

Kink is more than whips and chains for some of the people who are into it. It can be a tool for healing.

By Gigi Engle

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