Gay men having sex in the shower

A Long COVID Winter Is Coming. How Can We Still Have Sex?

A lot of us may be looking at the months ahead and asking: How am I supposed to make it through this without getting the intimacy I need? Alex Garner and José García-Madrid have some answers.

Nina Martinez

Meet the Woman Who Made Sure Voters with HIV in Georgia Got Registered to Vote

Nina Martinez talks about how activists are winning the fight against HIV criminalization in her state.

By Juan Michael Porter II

Can HIV Meds Interact With COVID-19 Treatment? Here’s What We Know So Far

Whether it’s remdesivir, corticosteroids, convalescent plasma, or monoclonal antibodies, we’ve got the latest expert info on what people living with HIV and their clinicians need to keep in mind.

By Larry Buhl
Trump goodbye

As the Trump Era Ends, HIV Activists Need to Go Big or Go Home

In this kind of environment, sticking to our business-as-usual HIV advocacy isn’t going to be enough, argues contributing editor and longtime activist Kenyon Farrow.

By Kenyon Farrow

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HIV Transmission Risks

Most COVID-19 Vaccines Won’t Affect HIV Risk: Here’s What the Science Tells Us

The COVID-19 vaccines we're most excited about right now don't present any concern for HIV-negative people, experts say. But a specific type of vaccine in development could present a problem, especially in resource-poor countries.

By Larry Buhl
Oregon flag Justice
Substance Use and Harm Reduction for HIV

Oregon Just Became the First State to Decriminalize Small Amounts of Hard Drugs Like Heroin and Meth. Will Other States Follow?

Measure 110 passed comfortably, signaling widespread (if not total) agreement that treatment, not arrest, is the way to solve the state’s drug-use crisis.

By Tim Murphy
Mayor Dinkins
HIV Advocates in the Spotlight

Remembering New York City Mayor David Dinkins and His Love for People Living With HIV

The city’s first Black mayor died at age 93 on Nov. 23.

By Juan Michael Porter II
Donja Love
HIV in Arts and Entertainment

Write It Out! Celebrates 12 Playwrights Who Are Living With HIV on World AIDS Day

Award-winning playwright Donja R. Love created a program that gave opportunities to people who often face barriers and gatekeepers in the theater world.

By Juan Michael Porter II
New Infections by Race and Transmission Group, U.S. 2014-2018
HIV/AIDS Statistics

U.S. Statistics: New HIV Infections

Approximately 1.2 million people in the U.S. are living with HIV today, according to this fact sheet. About 14 percent of them (1 in 7) don’t know it and need testing.

concept illustration: medicine, healthcare, health control, medical equipment
HIV Treatment and Medical Care

How to Find HIV Treatment Services

If you're living with HIV in the U.S., this federal government fact sheet provides a brief breakdown of options that can help you find a health care provider, pay for your medicines, locate affordable housing, and get help with mental health issues.

By HIVinfo

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