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Not Just Gay Men: Honoring the Stories of Women With HIV 40 Years Later

Over the past 40 years, women living with HIV/AIDS have had to—and continue to—fight against erasure from the historical dominant narrative.

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Starting HIV Treatment Is Personal, Not One-Size-Fits-All

“Ask patients what they want to do, give them their options, and let them choose,” says David Malebranche, M.D., M.P.H., on his approach to treating people with HIV.

By Juan Michael Porter II

In Mexico, an HIV-Positive Man’s Death Sparks Protests for Reform

In the wake of a brutal alleged murder, activists have united to repeal HIV criminalization laws, get hate crime legislation on the books, and fill gaps in HIV treatment access.

By Tim Murphy
Emmett Patterson

Queer, Trans, Disabled, and Proud of All Three

What is disability pride? Radical acceptance of both self and community.

By Emmett Patterson

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AIDS words
HIV Stigma and Discrimination

Stigmatizing Language Prevents People From Accessing HIV Care

Terms like “HIV-infected" and "HIV-exposed" further stigmatize and dehumanize people living with HIV.

By Juan Michael Porter II
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PrEP (HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis)

Insurers Will Now Have to Fully Cover PrEP and Its Visits and Labs—but Advocates Want the CDC to Do More

They’ve sent a letter to the agency asking it to let states with poor health coverage use CDC money for PrEP visits and labs.

By Tim Murphy
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Living Well With HIV

My Journey With AIDS: Still Here and Determined to Live

Diagnosed with AIDS in the mid-1990s, the writer chronicles his battles and triumphs with hospitals, family, and his own body.

By Louis Francois
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Starting HIV Treatment and Medical Care

Self-Loathing, Love, and HIV

Writer Juan Michael Porter II reflects on processing his HIV diagnosis and his meandering path to asking for help and seeking treatment.

By Juan Michael Porter II
Physical Health Issues

With or Without HIV, Folks Living With Long COVID and ME/CFS Are Desperate for a Breakthrough

Thankfully, there’s new funding to understand conditions causing extreme fatigue, pain, “brain fog,” and awful crashes after exercise. How soon will it yield treatments?

By Tim Murphy
Personal Stories from the HIV Community

My Family Knows Me, but Not My Life

It’s time for Black LGBTQ men to introduce their queer and birth families to each other.

By Henry Philyaw

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