April/May 2002

Curator: Catherine Ruello

Catherine Ruello

April/May 2002 Statement
April/May 2002 Selection

March 2002

Curator: Allen Frame

Allen frame

March 2002 Statement
March 2002 Selection

February 2002

Curator: J. A. Forde

J. A. Forde

February 2002 Statement
February 2002 Selection

January 2002

Curator: George Kimmerling

George Kimmerling

January 2002 Statement
January 2002 Selection

December 2001

Curators: Peter Cramer and Jack Waters

Peter Cramer and Jack Waters

December 2001 Statement
December 2001 Selection

November 2001

Curator: Carlos N. Molina

Carlos N. Molina

November 2001 Statement
November 2001 Selection

October 2001

Curator: Barbara deGenevieve

Barbara deGenevieve

October 2001 Statement
October 2001 Selection

September 2001

Curators: Navah Steiner and Rene A. Ortiz

Navah Steiner and Rene A. Ortiz

September 2001 Statement
September 2001 Selection

August 2001

Curators: JD Talasek and Michael Hampton

JD Talasek and Michael Hampton

August 2001 Statement
August 2001 Selection

July 2001

Curators: Susanna Cole and Erin Donnelly

Susanna Cole and Erin Donnelly

July 2001 Statement
July 2001 Selection

June 2001

Curators: Carrie Moyer and Sue Schaffner

Carrie Moyer and Sue Schaffner

June 2001 Statement
June 2001 Selection

May 2001

Curator: Tom Viola

Tom Viola

May 2001 Statement
May 2001 Selection

April 2001

Curators: Sina Najafi and Gregory Williams

Sina NajafiGregory Williams

April 2001 Statement
April 2001 Selection

March 2001

Curator: Julia Gruen

Julia Gruen -- New York City, NY

March 2001 Statement
March 2001 Selection

February 2001

Curator: Michelle Ticknor

Michelle Ticknor

February 2001 Statement
February 2001 Selection

January 2001

Positively Art 2001 Calendar

Positively Art 2001

January 2001 Statement
January 2001 Selection

December 2000

Curators: Stefanie Nagorka and Sur Rodney (Sur)

Stefanie Nagorka and Sur Rodney

December 2000 Statement
December 2000 Selection

November 2000

Michael A. Gonzalez

Michael A. Gonzalez

November 2000 Statement
November 2000 Selection

October 2000

Carrie Yamaoka

Carrie Yamaoka

October 2000 Statement
October 2000 Selection

August 2000

Students of the Satellite Academy Visual Studies class, New York City

Students of the Satellite Academy Visual Studies class

August 2000 Statement
August 2000 Selection

July 2000

Ana Olivera
Executive Director
Gay Men's Health Crisis, New York City

Ana Olivera

July 2000 Statement
July 2000 Selection

June 2000

Elizabeth Burke and Abby Messitte
Co-Founders and Co-Directors
Clementine Gallery, New York City

Clementine Gallery

June 2000 Statement
June 2000 Selection

May 2000

Felix Lopez,
Director, Arthur Liman Policy Institute
Legal Action Center, New York City

Felix Lopez

May 2000 Statement
May 2000 Selection

March 2000

Linda Fiske,
Independent Curator

Linda Fiske

March 2000 Statement
March 2000 Selection

February 2000

Shana Agid,
Prisoners' Rights Project Advocate, Legal Aid Society

Shana Agid

February 2000 Statement
February 2000 Selection

December 1999

Barbara Hunt,
Executive Director of Artists Space, New York, New York

Barbara Hunt

December 1999 Statement
December 1999 Selection

September 1999

Laura Edidin,
Managing Attorney and HIV-Related Violence Program Coordinator, New York City Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project

Laura Edidin

September 1999 Statement
September 1999 Selection

July 1999

Ernesto Pujol, Artist

Ernesto Pujol

July 1999 Statement
July 1999 Selection

May 1999

Robert Heglar, M.D.

May 1999 Statement
May 1999 Selection

March 1999

Ricardo Morín, Artist

Ricardo Morín

March 1999 Statement
March 1999 Selection


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