Visual AIDS presents: Inescapable Hope
Curator's Selection: Ana Olivera
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Osvaldo Barrocal -- Podod: Small Red With Yellow Cross
"Podod: Small Red With Yellow Cross," 1988-93
Osvaldo Barrocal
oil on paper
11" x 9"
Valerie Caris -- Poses
"Poses," 1993
Valerie Caris
mixed media
51" x 57"
Per Eidspjeld -- T4 Cell
"T4 Cell," 1991
Per Eidspjeld
color photo collage
size variable
Rubin Gonzalez -- To Living With HIV
"To Living with HIV," 1998
Rubin Gonzalez
mixed media
23" x 20"
Alan H. Cheung -- Awakening II
"Awakening II," 1995
Alan H. Cheung
mixed media on canvas
30" x 40"
Bob Corti -- Exposed: Kek Tee Lim
"Exposed: Kek Tee Lim," 1996
Bob Corti
black and white photograph
20" x 16"
James Greenwood -- From My Dimension to Yours
"From my Dimension to Yours," 1996
James Greenwood
acrylic on canvas
36" x 24"
Robert Farber -- Western Blot #5
"Western Blot #5," 1991
Robert Farber
mixed media
36" x 74"
Rebecca Guberman -- The Bird Skin
"The Bird Skin," 1997
Rebecca Guberman
gel medium transfer
31" x 40"
W Benjamin Incerti -- Untitled
"Untitled," 1991
W. Benjamin Incerti
silver gelatin print
42" x 30"
Elliot Linwood -- Catalogue My Love #9
"Catalogue My Love #9," 1996
Elliot Linwood
mail order catalogue images
16" x 20"
Derek Jackson -- Then and Now
"Then and Now," 1997
Derek Jackson
mixed media on window screen
45" x 18"
Luna Luis Ortiz -- Self Portrait with Veil
"Self Portrait with Veil," 1996
Luna Luis Ortiz
color photography
8" x 10"
Becky Trotter -- Nude Landscape 3
"Nude Landscape 3," 1994
Becky Trotter
pastel on paper
dimensions unknown
Alberto Velasco -- Vida Y Muerte
"Vida Y Muerte," 1995
Alberto Velasco
pencil on paper
11" x 8"
Yolanda -- The Sickness of Beauty (Gay Pride Day Scene)
"The Sickness of Beauty (Gay Pride Day Scene)," 1998
dimensions unknown
Albert J Winn -- Blood on the Doorpost: The AIDS Mezzuzah
"Blood on the Doorpost: The AIDS Mezzuzah," 1996
Albert J. Winn
wood, plastic, rubber, blood
2.5" x 6"
Inescapable Hope

JULY 2000
ana olivera
Ana Olivera
Executive Director
Gay Men's Health
Crisis, NYC

Curator's Statement

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