Grateful for the Imposition

An Exhibition
curated by

Felix Lopez
Arthur Liman Policy Institute
Legal Action Center
New York City

Felix Lopez

We are allotted little time and less space. Artists extend time and deepen space by calling us to look again, to re-examine, to hesitate before we move on. They do this through the force of imagination, the command of technique, the employment of color or form. And we are always grateful for the imposition.


Felix Lopez is the director of the Arthur Liman Policy Institute of the Legal Action Center in New York City. The Legal Action Center represents ex-offenders, people in recovery, and persons with AIDS. A former chef, Felix is a graduate of the University of Michigan, Yale Law School and the French Culinary Institute.


Visual AIDS: 526 w26th st no 510 new york new york 10001 tel: 212.627.9855 fax: 212.627.9815 email:

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