Visual AIDS presents: An Exhibition
Curator's Selection: Robert Heglar, M.D.
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Michael Harwood - Among Boys and Men
"Among Boys and Men," 1996
Michael Harwood
Michael Harwood - Watertowers
"Watertowers," 1996
Michael Harwood
Rogelio Mendoza - Lilys
"Lilys," 1996
Rogelio Mendoza
David Jester - School Days
"School Days," 1995
David Jester
Alex Greenfield - Untitled #10
"Untitled #10," 1993
Alex Greenfield
Tim McCarron - Jose
"Jose," 1994
Tim McCarron
Tim McCarron - Padre Y Hijo
"Padre Y Hijo," 1998
Tim McCarron
Sean Earley - Subway Series
"Subway Series," 1995
Sean Earley
Luna Luis Ortiz - Mari with Pink Hat
"Mari with Pink Hat," 1995
Luna Luis Ortiz
J. Robert Reed - Poodle Installation
"Poodle Installation, 1998"
J. Robert Reed
J. Robert Reed - Gigi
"Gigi," 1998
J. Robert Reed
Martin Wong - Saturday Night
"Saturday Night," 1992
Martin Wong
Jorge Veras - Untitled
Jorge Veras
Abnel Rodriguez-Quiles - Stampillas Santos
"Stampillas Santos," 1996
Abnel Rodriguez-Quiles

MAY 1999
Robert Heglar, M.D.
Social Medicine Program
Montefiore Hospital
Bronx, NY

Curator's Statement

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