An Exhibition
curated by

Linda Fiske,
Independent Curator

Linda Fiske

The works in this exhibition were selected because they can be viewed as individual symbols of hope, inspiration, healing, or peace. I sought images which seemed to embody these qualities, either intentionally or by interpretation, and to explore the variety of ways they might be expressed. What resulted was a series that reveals the varied and personal nature of visual language, from the conventional to the familiar to the poetic to the humorous. I view each as a kind of talisman, and am struck by their collective beauty and power.

1. Barton Benes "Talisman" 14"x15"x2" AZT with Egyptian Amulets 1994

2. Barton Benes "Shrine" 13"x24"x13" Mixed media with U.S. Dollars and HIV+ blood 1994

3. Kurt Reynolds "Healing Stick (detail)" 84"x29"x7" mixed media construction 1994

4. Kurt Reynolds "In Search of Wisdom" 17.5"x34"x9" mixed media construction 1993

5. Miguel Ferrando "Clouds" 10"x16" oil on canvas 1985

6. Miguel Ferrando "Victory" 12"x11" oil on canvas on wood 1980

7. Frank Jump "Hope, Williamsburg Waterfront" 111"x14" Cibachrome 1997

8. Robert Flack "Portal" 40"x30" c-print 1990

9. Rebecca Guberman "The Short-Sided are in Love" 46"x21" acrylic gel transfer 1998

10. Rebecca Guberman "To Spare the Sparrow" 46"x21" Color Photo 1998

11. Richard Trietner "Cosmic Powers" 11"x14" acrylic and graphite 1992

12. Richard Trietner "Totem" dimensions unknown, mixed media 1989

13. Joyce Washington McDonald "Halleluiah" 18"x24" magic marker on canvas 1998

14. Mike Parker "I Heart Beauty" 60"x60" oil on canvas 1990

15. Robert Miles Parker "Orange Flowers from Aquabogue" 24"x20" oil on canvas 1995

16. Eric Rhein "Archie" 9"x12" wire on paper 1996

17. Jonathan Leiter/Ruben Sandwich "Precious Objects" dimensions unknown, gold leaf on bones 1994

18. Juan Sanchez "Small House in the Mountains" 8"x10" oil on board 1995

Linda Fiske is an independent art administrator in New York City. She was previously director at Pace/MacGill Gallery, where she worked for 12 years managing representation for some of today's leading artists and photographers. She recently curated a show featuring three young photographers for Jay Grimm Gallery.

Visual AIDS: 526 w26th st no 510 new york new york 10001 tel: 212 627 9855 fax: 212.6279815 email

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