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Curator's Selection: Linda Fiske
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Barton Benes - Talisman
"Talisman," 1994
Barton Benes
Barton Benes - Shrine
"Shrine," 1994
Barton Benes
Kurt Reynolds - Healing Stick (detail)
"Healing Stick (detail)," 1994
Kurt Reynolds
Kurt Reynolds - In Search of Wisdom
"In Search of Wisdom," 1993
Kurt Reynolds
Miguel Ferrando - Clouds
"Clouds," 1985
Miguel Ferrando
Miguel Ferrando - Victory
"Victory," 1980
Miguel Ferrando
Frank Jump - Hope, Williamsburg Waterfront
"Hope, Williamsburg Waterfront," 1997
Frank Jump
Robert Flack - Portal
"Portal," 1990
Robert Flack
Rebecca Guberman - The Short-Sided are in Love
"The Short-Sided are in Love," 1998
Rebecca Guberman
Rebecca Guberman - To Spare the Sparrow
"To Spare the Sparrow," 1998
Rebecca Guberman
Richard Trietner - Cosmic Powers
"Cosmic Powers," 1992
Richard Trietner
Richard Trietner - Totem
"Totem," 1989
Richard Treitner
Joyce Washington McDonald - Halleluiah
"Halleluiah," 1998
Joyce Washington McDonald
Mike Parker - I Heart Beauty
"I Heart Beauty," 1990
Mike Parker
Robert Miles Parker - Orange Flowers from Aquabogue
"Orange Flowers from Aquabogue," 1995
Robert Miles Parker
Eric Rhein - Archie
"Archie," 1996
Eric Rhein
Jonathan Leiter/Reuben Sandwich - Precious Objects
"Precious Objects," 1994
Jonathan Leiter/Reuben Sandwich
Juan Sanchez - Small House in the Mountains
"Small House in the Mountains," 1995
Juan Sanchez

MARCH 2000
Linda Fiske
Linda Fiske
Independent Curator

Curator's Statement

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