Visual AIDS presents:
"On Collecting..."
Curator's Selection: Susanna Cole and Erin Donnelly
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Steed Taylor, Me and Sudie, 1997
"Me and Sudie," 1997
Steed Taylor
photograph, 20"x20"
Steed Taylor, Mom and Dad, 1998
"Mom and Dad," 1998
Steed Taylor
pencil on paper, 24"x18"
Garland Eliason-French, Graduation Day
"Graduation Day," 1975
Garland Eliason-French
acrylic on canvas, 46.5"x76"
David Nelson, hole #21
"hole #21," 2000
David Nelson
dirt, rocks, root and epoxy resin, 17"x11"x5"
Barton Lidice Benes, Repository (detail)
"Repository (detail)," 1997
Barton Lidice Benes
mixed media, 6"x8"x5"
Alan Walker, Paper Women of the World
"Paper Women of the World," 1971-96
Alan Walker
pen and ink on paper
Alan Walker, Paper Women of the World
"Paper Women of the World," 1971-96
Alan Walker
pen and ink on paper
David Wojnarowicz, untitled
"untitled," 1990/91
David Wojnarowicz
silver gelatin print, 28"x32"
David Wojnarowicz, untitled
"untitled," 1989
David Wojnarowicz
13 black and white photographs, 36"x36"
Becky Trotter, Support Group
"Support Group," 1999
Becky Trotter
acrylic on canvas, nine pieces 21"x15" each
Martin Wong, Puerto Rican Day Parade
"Puerto Rican Day Parade," 1998
Martin Wong
acrylic on linen, 30"x24"
Mark Morrisroe, untitled self portrait
"untitled self portrait," 1980
Mark Morrisroe
black and white Polaroid, 2.88"x3.75"
Robert Farber, Interruption
"Interruption," 1994
Robert Farber
encaustic and oil, 12"x43"
Robert Miles Parker, 7th Regiment Veteran's Room
"7th Regiment Veteran's Room," 1993
Robert Miles Parker
pen and ink, 15"x21"
Bob Corti, Exposed: Suzin
"Exposed: Suzin," 1996
Bob Corti
black and white photograph, 20"x16"
William Tisdale, untitled
"untitled," 1995
William Tisdale
etching with painting and collage, 30"x40"
Timothy Lonergan, Siseht 1
"Siseht 1," 1999
Timothy Lonergan
fibers, 30'x20'
Michael Ransom, RememberingÉMoments
"Remembering...Moments," 1995
Michael Ransom
mixed media, 8"x12"x12"
On Collecting...

July 2001
Susanna Cole and Erin Donnelly
Susanna Cole and
Erin Donnelly

New York City, NY

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Curators' Selection

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