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Frank Moore, Spring, 1996
"Spring," 1996
Frank Moore
oil on canvas, 26" x 56"
Courtesy of the estate of Frank Moore

About the artist: Moore is perhaps best known for creating the iconic red AIDS awareness ribbon for Visual AIDS in 1991. He says he came up with the concept after watching neighbors tie a yellow ribbon around a tree to honor their daughter fighting in the Gulf War. "The AIDS virus is just a virus. It has no personal agenda against me. It's just another creation in God's creation," Moore said in an interview with the New York Academy of Sciences shortly before his death in April 2002. Moore's sister, Rebecca, says "Spring" is a self-portrait. "I asked him what it represented," she says. "I didn't expect him to tell me -- usually he'd just respond with a smile and say, 'What do you think it means?' But this time he did. He seemed very calm and peaceful. 'It's my last breath,' he said."

Why we chose this piece: We love the whimsical nature of "Spring." It's so bright, colorful and hopeful, and a powerful reminder to us all to continue to embrace joy, love and happiness as we continue on in our personal battles against HIV.

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