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Alberto Velasco, Untitled, 1998
Untitled, 1998
Alberto Velasco
collage, 9" x 7"

From the artist: "Nude figures in poses of anguish or fear were often featured in my work at the time this collage was created in 1998," Velasco says. "I was striving to live to see my 40th birthday and the new millennium. The uncertainty of that was what made figures like the one depicted here a common element of my artwork. I'm very glad today that those anguished figures are no longer symbols of my mental, physical or emotional state."

Why we chose this piece: The pain and sorrow in this piece is palpable. But in the midst of that anguish is the notion of a father figure -- a God figure -- watching over us, reminding us that even in the deepest sorrow there is hope.

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