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Christopher Trujillo, Feeding the Child/Woman, 2002
"Feeding the Child/Woman," 2002
Christopher Trujillo
acrylic on canvas, 22" x 28"

From the artist: "Feeding the Child/Woman" is part of Trujillo's "Africa, the First Mother" series. "This Afro-centric series is reminiscent of my Latin and American-Indian ethnicity," Trujillo says. "I cannot paint to make something pretty for resale; I must express my political voice in order to feel productive as a powerful human who chooses to take responsibility for my actions."

Why we chose this piece: We were enlivened by the ideas of feeding the soul and feeding Mother Africa that are so strongly conveyed through this image. And, of course, this piece is a powerful visual reminder of the devastation and massive loss of life to AIDS experienced throughout Africa.

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