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George Towne, Carlos, 2001
"Carlos," 2001
George Towne
silk screen, 12" x 10"

From the artist: "Much of my recent work consists of depictions of my community of friends as a reflection of the contemporary homosexual psyche," Towne says. "Through touching and striking portraits, my art simultaneously conveys themes of desire, loss, longing and community." Towne says that for many years he has been painting portraits of gay men who are his friends. Some are HIV-negative; others, HIV-positive. Carlos is a visual artist from Brazil whom Towne knows from New York City's East Village, summers on Fire Island, and workshops at the School of Visual Arts.

Why we chose this piece: We found this piece to be a poignant reminder that while AIDS is a massive, global issue, its impact is still felt on an individual level for each and every one of millions of people.

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