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Rene Capone, A Wishful Gargoyle, 2003
"A Wishful Gargoyle," 2003
Rene Capone
watercolor and pencil on paper, 30" x 22"

From the artist: "This piece was made during a very intense part of my life," Capone says. "I had fallen in love with a boy and had just started a relationship with him after I found out I was HIV-positive. He was negative, and much to his credit, he did his best to let me know that he didn't care. But I'm not sure I was listening well enough. I simply felt like a gargoyle who wanted to be something or someone else."

Why we chose this piece: We connected with this artwork on a deeply emotional level. Who among us hasn't felt alone, dejected or rejected because of a seropositive diagnosis -- the very same feelings that are so apparent in this piece's imagery.

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