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Steed Taylor, Untitled, 1998
Untitled, 1998
Steed Taylor
dye-transfer print, 30" x 20"

From the artist: "The couple in this piece were going through major AIDS-related health issues that had begun to break them apart," says Taylor. "I photographed them as part of a series of gay couples and took detailed shots of them holding hands. Later, as I sorted through the photographs, I kept thinking less about them and more about their crumbling union. I pieced together some of the pictures to reflect this and to make it the focus of the final work."

Why we chose this piece: The composition suggests a duality -- perhaps of integrating one's HIV-negative past with an HIV-positive present and future -- as well as the notion of being "broken" by an HIV diagnosis and trying to put oneself and one's life back together.

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