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Gregg Cassin, Jesus Crowned ... Soul Survivor, 1999
"Jesus Crowned ... Soul Survivor," 1999
Gregg Cassin
mixed media, 48" x 38"

From the artist: "The oppressive powers of this world, especially religion and [the impact of] mainstream culture on the marginalized, are fuel to my fire," Cassin says. "The overwhelmingly destructive force of religion and its spokespeople is present in our daily lives. Prejudice, hatred and intolerance are not only accepted but honored and revered. My work is my voice, and it is part scream, part song, part cry and part prayer."

Why we chose this piece: The powerful use of Christian iconography reminded us not only of the blame placed upon HIVers for our so-called moral failings by many of the world's religious leaders but also of the enduring and hopeful messages of redemption, peace and love taught by Jesus Christ.

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