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Magalie Guerin
b e y o n d  X X X
c u r a t o r :    m a g a l i e  g u e r i n

Sex. And everything that it entails: intimacy, seduction, pleasure, love, fear, violence, playfulness, tenderness, loneliness, alienation, obsession, confusion. A very complex phenomenon.

These are aspects to sexuality that everyone has experienced. Artists with HIV are no less concerned. They might even be more concerned.

These artists have found ways of conveying their sexuality despite their HIV status. The works express a new relationship with the body. Being diagnosed with HIV does not diminish desire, au contraire, but it certainly makes one question it more -- exploring dimensions of sex beyond the act of fucking. And this is what is being displayed here.

  b i o g r a p h y

Magalie Guerin was born in Montreal in 1973. After a career as a commercial photographer, she moved to NYC (2000) and is now working in the visual arts. In February 2002, she became the curator and director of GV/AS, an artist-run space in Brooklyn. GV/AS has shown over 25 artists dealing with the theme of sexuality, including the successful "Tits & Art" group shows.


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