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The Archive Project

Visual AIDS utilizes art to fight AIDS by provoking dialogue, supporting HIV+ artists, and preserving a legacy, because AIDS is not over.

Visual AIDS also assists artists with HIV/AIDS, while preserving a visual record of their work. Through The Archive Project, the largest registry of works by visual artists with HIV/AIDS, we offer professional services including: Artist Materials Grants, emergency grants, documentation of artwork, and exhibition opportunities. Membership in The Archive Project is free and open to all professional visual artists living with HIV/AIDS and the estates of artists who have died from AIDS.

The Archive Project is both a service to HIV+ artists and a public resource, to teach about AIDS art activism and the lasting importance of HIV-positive visual artists. The Archive Project began as a slide library, and is being converted into a digital database which eventually will have over 15,000 images. The Archive Project is open to curators, art historians, researchers, and students. If you are interested in viewing The Archive Project, please contact Visual AIDS to set up an appointment

Join the Archive Project

If you are an artist living with HIV/AIDS and would like to join the Archive Project, please download the Artist Membership Forms here.

If you represent the estate of an artist who has died from AIDS, please download the Estate Forms here.

Return completed forms to Visual AIDS, along with a CD of digital images, including a checklist with title, size, year, and media for each piece. If you do not have documentation of your artwork, and live in the New York area, please contact us to make arrangements. Mail your membership forms and images to:
Visual AIDS
526 W. 26th St. # 510
New York, NY 10001

Artist Materials Grants

Once you have become a Visual AIDS artist member, you may apply for a Materials Grant. The Materials Grants is a program of Visual AIDS initiated to help HIV+ artists maintain their artistic practice by providing grants, of up to $300, in the form of gift certificates to art supply vendors. Materials Grants are available to Visual AIDS Archive Members ONLY. To be eligible you must have an active file in the Frank Moore Archive Project, including Membership Form, Artist Release Form, and artwork documentation. Archive Members are eligible for only one grant per 12-month cycle. The number of Materials Grants issued by Visual AIDS is subject to available funds. To be eligible you must:

  1. Be a current member of the Frank Moore Archive Project and have shown evidence that you are a working artist.
  2. Have not received a Materials Grant in the past 12 months.
  3. Agree to report on the use of the grant, submit receipts from supply purchases, and show works created with grant funds.
  4. Application deadlines are January 15th and June 1st of each year.

You can download the Materials Grant application forms here.

If you have any questions regarding Membership or Materials Grants, please contact us.

Archive Member Sites

Visual AIDS
David Abbott


Rob Anderson

Robert Roan Beard

Barton Lidice Benes

Kermit Berg

Rebecca Guberman Bloom

Freddy Borges

George Box

Joe Brainard

Steven Dwayne Bryk

Bob Burnside

Rene Capone

Luis Carle

Joel W. Carlson

Gregg Cassin

Tseng Kwong Chi

Vincent Cianni

Jose L. Cortes

David Cannon Dashiell

Joe De Hoyos

Jimmy DeSana

John Dugdale


Tony Feher

Martin Freeman &
Joel Hoyer

Jerry Frost

Sean Paul Gallegos

Michael Golden

Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Sunil Gupta

Keith Haring

Michael Harwood

Chet Holcomb

Jerry Hooten

Tim O. Hughes

River Huston

Derek Jackson

Holly Johnson

Frank Jump

John Keasler

Inked Kenny

David King

Ken Kostovny

FJ Kottmann

John S. Lathram III

Eric Lerner

Edward Lightner

Elliott Linwood

Michael Lownie

Charles Lum

Peter Madero III

Neil Marshall

Joyce McDonald

Andrew McPhail

Greg Mitchell

Michael Mitchell

Bruce Monroe

Frank Moore

Michael Patrick Moore

Ricardo Morin

Mark Morrisroe

Ian Moyer

Chuck Nanney

David Nelson

John Painter

Marc Pelletier

Daniel Perry

Ronnie Queenan

James Reich

Richard Renaldi

Hunter Reynolds

Eric Rhein

Daniel H. Roberts

Nevin Robinson

James Romberger

Carmine Santaniello

Adrienne Seed

Leith Semmens

Richard Sawdon Smith

Clifford Smith

JD Talasek

Tim Tate

Joey Terrill

Paul Thek

Keith Theriot

Hector Toscano

George Towne

Elton Tucker

Peter Urban

Marguerite Van Cook

Jeff VanDyke

Jorge Veras

Joel Waters

Patrick Webb

Kevin Wesley

Kurt Weston

Albert Winn

David Wojnarowicz

Martin Wong

Peter Wyman


Laurence Young

Terry Young

Jeff Zimmer

Note: If you are a Visual AIDS Archive member and have a homepage, please send your URL to and we'll link up!

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