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How to Host a Ribbon Bee

How to Host a Ribbon Bee

Ribbon Bees are a great way to raise awareness and share information about HIV in your community. Perfect for school groups, community organizations, informal clubs, and a gathering of friends.

Visual AIDS will provide you with:

  • Red Ribbon,
  • NOT OVER buttons,
  • Instructions on how to make ribbons, and
  • Information from the SERO PROJECT about HIV Criminalization for discussion.

We will work with you to see how best to get you the supplies. The ribbons you create will bedistributed around Day With(out) Art or you can keep them and give them out in your community.


  • Select a time and location.
  • Invite friends, volunteers, community members, family, classmates, work mates to participate.
  • Contact Visual AIDS to provide an estimate of how many participants you expect for your bee and how long you think it will last.


  • A bee can be as intimate as 5 people, and as large as 100 people.
  • Set aside at least 2 hours for a bee.
  • It is okay if people come and go during a bee. Some people will be able to volunteer a large chunk of time, others only a half an hour. That is okay.
  • Be prepared to train people a few times on how to create the ribbons. They will want to do a good job and look to you for guidance. It is a simple process and Visual AIDS will provide you with instructions.
  • Have conversation topics ready that relate to HIV / AIDS. We will supply with information about HIV Criminalization.
  • Take pictures of the bee. Tweet, facebook and blog about the experience. #aidsisnotover

To host a Ribbon Bee or for more information, contact Ted Kerr at Visual AIDS,, or (212) 627-9855.

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