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Artist Edition Broadsides

Broadside n. 1. a strong written or spoken attack. 2. an advertisement or public notice (usually printed on one page) intended for wide distribution.

Visual AIDS is proud to present our Artist Edition Broadsides promoting harm reduction, HIV prevention and AIDS awareness; and targeting our diverse communities. Artist Editions have taken the form of trading cards, tote bags, stickers, postcards, posters, buttons, ecards and even balloons. Visual AIDS utilizes art to fight AIDS by provoking dialogue and providing direct information about transmission, testing, and safer sex practices.

Learn more about each Artist Edition Broadside by visiting the project pages below.

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2012 Play Smart trading cards  AIDS IS...

Play Smart 2012
Trading Cards by Amos Mac, Iván Monforte, Richard Renaldi and Christopher Schulz


AIDS IS... 2012
Tote bag by Daryl Vocat

NOT OVER2011 Play Smart trading cards2011 No Glove / No Love tote

Buttons by A.K. Burns, John Chaich, Joe De Hoyos, and Avram Finkelstein

Play Smart II 2011
Trading Cards by Michael Alago, Mike Harwood, Luna Luis Ortiz and Paul Mpagi Sepuya

No Glove / No Love 2011
Tote Bag by Chloe Dzubilo & T De Long

2010 Play Smart trading cards 2010 Cover the Stump tote

Play Smart 2010
Trading Cards by Aaron Cobbett, inkedKenny, Greg Mitchell and Slava Mogutin


Cover the Stump 2010
Tote bag by Steve DeFrank

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2009 I'm in Love postcard2009 AIDS is not Over tote2009 Conception cards

I'm in Love 2009
Postcard by Hunter Reynolds

Tote bag by J. Morrison

Conception 2009
Cards by Wu Ingrid Tsang

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2008 Safe Sex Rules! poster2008 Safe Sex Rules! buttons2008 Not Safe tote

Safe Sex Rules! 2008
Poster by William Powhida

Safe Sex Rules! 2008
Buttons by Noah Lyon

Not Safe 2008
Tote Bag by Amy Jean Porter

2008 Glove to Love You postcard2008 Rubbers Are Fun! balloons2008 All Flesh poster

Glove to Love You 2008
Postcard by John Chaich

Rubbers Are Fun! 2008
Balloons by Michael Mitchell

All Flesh 2008
Poster by Kate Huh

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2007 Where Did the Love Go?

Where Did the Love Go? 2007
Postcards and stickers by Erik Hanson, Nancer LeMoins, Lou Laurita, and Nayland Blake

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2006 Accessorize Your Love poster2006 Lick This poster2006 There's Only One poster

Accessorize Your Love 2006
Poster by Curtis Carman

Lick This 2006
Poster by Ginger Brooks Takahashi

There's Only One 2006
Poster by Maria Lotuffo

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2005 Be Creative sticker2005 Cover Your Johnson sticker2005 Safe is Sexy poster

Be Creative 2005
Sticker by Joe De Hoyos

Cover Your Johnson 2005
Sticker by Carrie Moyer

Safe is Sexy 2005
Poster by Chris Johanson

2005 Rock Hudson ... poster2005 Be Good to Yourself poster2005 Safety is Key ... poster

Rock Hudson ... 2005
Poster by Deborah Grant

Be Good to Yourself 2005
Poster by Derek Jackson

Safety is Key ... 2005
Poster by Neil Farber

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Broadsides 1992-1998

Broadsides 1992-1998
Barbara Kruger, John Giorno, Copy Berg, Robert Juarez, Glenn Ligon and others

Printed Artist Editions Broadsides are available from Visual AIDS while supplies last, or download and print your own copy by clicking on the image on each project page.

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