Wounds Healing And Hiv

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Slow Healing of Wound

I'm taking Lamivudine+Zidovudine+Nevirapene for 4 years and replaced Zidovudine to Tenofovir 6 months ago due to lipodistrophy on my legs. My CD4 count has remained consistent at 411+ lately. 2 weeks ago I accidentally cut my hands underneath my...
Keith Henry, M.D.

Response from Keith Henry, M.D.

University of Minnesota, School of Medicine
...Generally HIV+ persons heal pretty well in my experience. Finger infections can be slow healing even in the general population if there is lots of swelling Read more »

Is a lap dance equal to embracing in pajamas having ichor discharging wound on ones hip?

Dear Dr. Bob:Yesterday I slept with a girl whose HIV status is unknown. She had damaged her hip... Read more »

Wound won't heal

I have a surgical wound that wont heal. On June 15, 2004, I had my left inguinal hernia repaired.... Read more »
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

HIV-Positive Men Who Have Sex Before Circumcision Wounds Are Healed Could Increase Female Partners' Infection Risk, Study Says

...from a study being conducted in Uganda and presented on Tuesday to 75 officials from the World Health Organization and UNAIDS at a meeting in Montreux, Switzerland, the Washington Post reports (Brown, Washington Post , 3/7). According... Read more »
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Male Circumcision Programs in Namibia Should Be Part of Comprehensive Package of HIV Prevention Interventions, Health Minister Says

...in March recommended the procedure as a way to help reduce transmission of the virus through heterosexual sex ( Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report , 9/7). According to Kamwi, the country's health infrastructure is not yet equipped to handle... Read more »
Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project

How Did Circumcision Prevent HIV in Clinical Trials in Africa ... And What Does It Mean for the United States?

...where the epidemic is severe within specific communities, but is different from the epidemic in hard-hit regions of Africa where AIDS is common among the general population. There is a lot of new and important data on circumcision, and much of... Read more »
AIDS InfoNet


...use of echinacea (up to two weeks) to treat colds or flu does not present any serious risks to people with HIV. However, both AIDS researchers and herbalists warn against long-term use of echinacea. What Are the Side Effects? There are no... Read more »
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