Will Azithromycin Cause Hiv Test To Be Wrong

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Azithromycin (Zithromax)

... What Is Azithromycin? Why Do People With HIV Take Azithromycin? What About Drug Resistance? How Is Azithromycin Taken? What Are the Side Effects? How Does Azithromycin React With Other Drugs? What Is Azithromycin? Azithromycin is
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Hi Dr. Bob,Recently I took a Home Access Hiv Antibody Test. I came out negative but I just had a quick question. Six days prior to the test I started taking Azithromycin for the flu. Would the Azithromycin affect the outcome of my HIV test? In...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
...sore throat during the last 3 months. Is it possible that I may seroconvert after 3 months? Will Azithromycin delay/dodge the HIV tests? Do i need to test at the end of 6 months? Thanks, Slightly worried Man Response from Dr. Frascino Hello... Read more »

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If someone had flu-like symptoms and thought it was ARS, then took azithromycin 250mg 5 day pack and cleared up the symptoms, would that indicate that it in fact was NOT ARS because azithromycin wouldn't treat ARS?$40 DONATION SENT VIA MAIL! Thanks...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
...and HIV symptoms: Symptoms are notoriously unreliable in predicting who is and is not HIV infected. The reason to worry or get HIV tested is HIV risk, not whether symptoms are present. If you've had an HIV risk exposure, you should get an HIV... Read more »

Donated 200$ will donate again - Unprotected Oral Exposure followup (FALSE POSITIVE TEST RESULTS, 2011)

Hello Doctor - Hope you are doing well. I have donated 200$ on your website and the reference number is EQEE6C4E20E6.I got the results of my 3 months antibody test today ( 13 weeks) and it is negative.Continuing on my last post, the following day (...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
...performed before the three-month mark are not considered to be definitive or conclusive. HIV DNA PCR testing is not FDA approved for HIV diagnosis. Consequently, if you want the complete reassurance of an FDA-approved negative HIV-screening test,... Read more »

Hepatitis B / Antibiotics and HIV Test (ANTIBIOTICS AND HIV TESTING, 2009)

I currently have Hepatitis B and have just finished taking azithromycin for a cough.I just took a Home Access Hiv test (6 weeks after potential exposure) and was wondering if either the Hep B or antibiotics would affect the negative result.Thank you.
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
...question multiple times before. The answer remains the same: "Nope!" Antibiotics and decongestants do not affect the results of HIV tests, nor do they alter the duration of the window period. So yell, "WOO-HOO" (or perhaps "Ding-Dong the Witch is... Read more »
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HIV Testing

... What Is HIV Testing? How Do I Get Tested? Who Should Get Tested? When Should I Get Tested? Do Any Tests Work Sooner After Infection? Read more »
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HIV Testing

...Confidential HIV Testing HIV Name-Based Reporting Partner Notification Orasure Test for HIV Rapid Tests for HIV Home HIV Antibody Tests Urine Test for HIV RNA / NAAT Testing For-Profit Test... Read more »
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Did You Just Test HIV Positive?

...and Support It's Better to Know HIV and Women Make a New Start Useful Info Sheets for Newly Diagnosed Getting an HIV diagnosis can feel like the worst news in the world. It is common to feel anger, fear, confusion, shock, depression,... Read more »

An Overview of Azithromycin (Zithromax)

...Name: Zithromax Other Name(s): Arithromicina, Azitromicina, Sumamed Drug Class: Opportunistic Infection and Other Drugs Azithromycin, also known as Zithromax, belongs to the class of medicines known as antibacterials or antibiotics. These... Read more »
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Treating Chlamydia with Azithromycin

Posted by Anonymous
...the doctor was not sure how long to refrain from having sex with one another. Was wondering if anyone else knew or has been on azithromycin and knows how long we can't have sexual pleasure with each other. Thanks Read more »

Husband just diagnosed with AIDS

Posted by jillymae06, 8 Replies
...am scared and angry at the same time. He has battled oral thrush for over a year now and his first doctor never suggested an HIV test, just kept treating the thrush. I didn't know repeated oral thrush was a sign of HIV even though I had... Read more »

Do all newborns in us get tested for Hiv?

Posted by Anonymous, 3 Replies
Do they automatically test newborns for hiv in the us? Read more »

U know it (Am I infected?)

Posted by Anonymous, 4 Replies
I know a definite answer can only be obtained after doing the test. I am in a month window now and I am going to get tested. I had sex with a hooker and I used condoms but she performed oral sex on me and i fingered her for like a minute. I do not... Read more »
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