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Will Atripla Make Me Look Sick

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Always tired and look sick

I was diagnosed with aids around August 2012. Been on atripla, mepron and antibiotics. Was doing great for bout 2 months but I am always tired, legs cramping, feet numb, mood swings etc. my doc says my count is down but viral load is almost...
Keith Henry, M.D.

Response from Keith Henry, M.D.

University of Minnesota, School of Medicine
Patients with AIDS can experience a range of symptoms so need to have a full clinical evaluation. Simply starting effective HIV treatment does not reverse/eliminate all problems or symptoms. Checking renal, liver, and muscle status might be helpful.... Read more »

Sick and tired of sick and tired

So, I'm one of those folks who should have "DO NOT GIVE SUSTIVA" stamped on my... Read more »

Atripla and no-xplode intercations are there any?is it safe to take no-xplode and atripla?

Is it safe to take no-xplode if im on atripla? im healthy and have no other illness my blood work... Read more »
Body Positive

Pitfalls of the "Sick Role"

I'm on the road to recovery, but I still want the attention I received from being sick. This confession, made by a client in total candor, has always remained with me. It is honest and straight to the point. We all want attention, or love, or at... Read more »
Body Positive

HIV Hypochondria "Am I going crazy or am I really getting sick?"

I tested HIV-positive one year ago. My problem is that I feel very tired and stressed out and I think every minute, "O.K. this is it, I now have AIDS!" I go to the doctor all the time and the appointments always end in the same way. This is how... Read more »

An HIV-Anniversary ER Trip During Sick Season

Brooke Davidoff Four years ago on Jan. 8 I was diagnosed ; yesterday Myles my three year old and I spent a good two-plus hours in an emergency room waiting room waiting to see what was going on with my husband Keanen. Keanen has been sick since... Read more »
AIDS Survival Project

HAART Sick Hoax

Under the flimsy guise of serious medical reportage, a recent article boldly proclaimed, "In 1996 a scientist claimed he'd found a way to defeat AIDS. In the wave of euphoria that followed, a batch of new drugs flooded the market. Four years later,... Read more »
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Looking for info on Atripla

Posted by rickincattco, 4 Replies
Hello all,
Can some please tell me about the new drug Atripla (in plain english). I have seen a few references to it and I would like to know more aobut it. Is it a combination of other drugs out nnow or something totally new. I dont see my Doc again... Read more »

What's the point...... sick of being sick

Posted by Anonymous, 7 Replies
I think I have lost my desire to keep fighting this disease. I am always tired and the meds make me sick.

My viral load is 30k and my cd4's are around 300... but I am just tired of it. I have was diagnosed in 97 and started feeling ill around the... Read more »

Atripla & Weight Gain

Posted by Choosing2Liv, 4 Replies
I've searched the forums and found posts dealing with the wild dreams, excessive nausea and irritating itching brought on by Atripla. However, I have not been able to find any posts on what folks have done to combat the additional weight gain... Read more »

switching to Atripla >worried

Posted by mauka, 8 Replies
My doc convinced me to switch to Atripla since after taking crixivan for about ten years my triglycerides are pretty dang high(over 600). I've been taking Norvir, Crixivan and Truvada and the idea of just taking one pill a day is a dream indeed,... Read more »