Which Hiv Drugs Cause Constipation

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HIV Drug Chart/Overview

... Combination Pills Introduction The number of drugs available to fight HIV keeps growing. This is good news,but it can also make it difficult to figure out what's what. Use this HIV drugsoverview to find basic information on all of the Food and Drug Administration(FDA)-approved HIV drugs, such as: Drug name Drug class How many times a day the drug is...
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iam 26yrs been poz for 3yrs now and had cyptococcol menenjitis thats how i knew my status because i had to test for hiv.iam taking fluconazole, truvada and efavirenz. i have five questions only 1) i have pains and sometimes bleeding when i visit the...
Keith Henry, M.D.

Response from Keith Henry, M.D.

University of Minnesota, School of Medicine
From what you described you are on a very good HIV regimen with a good CD4 count-that is encouraging. HIV level measurements may not be available where you live due to cost. ideally one would like to know that the HIV level is below the detection... Read more »

Atripla constipation?

I am a 43 year old male diagnosed HIV+ in 11/03. Ive been taking Sustiva & Truvada, now Atripla since 9/04 with good results. In addition, I take 4g daily Omega 3 fish oil in order to keep triglycerides in check also with good results. My problem...
Keith Henry, M.D.

Response from Keith Henry, M.D.

University of Minnesota, School of Medicine
...Constipation has not been commonly linked to any of the components of Atripla or fish oil. Also, I have not had patients in our clinic on Read more »


I use a combination of lazamed and stockrin. It has been about a month and constipation now is the problem. Is this one of the side effects I should expect
Keith Henry, M.D.

Response from Keith Henry, M.D.

University of Minnesota, School of Medicine
...familiar with the term lazamed and it didn't show up on google. If it is the combinationm of generic 3TC + either D4T or AZT then constipation is only occasionally a significant problem with those drugs. Stocrine (efavirenz) also only... Read more »

Bowel changes- constipation

I know so many of the antivirals cause diareaha,but are any particularly noted for constipation?I've always had no probleems in that area and I recently switched my regime and my bathroom habit has changed conserably(my whole abdomen is hard and...
Benjamin Young, M.D., Ph.D.

Response from Benjamin Young, M.D., Ph.D.

Rocky Mountain CARES
...I'm not aware of any HIV medications that cause constipation. It might be that you've gotten accustomed to having loose stools (perhaps caused by a PI?); now that Read more »
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Depression and HIV

...from massage, acupuncture, or exercise. St. John's Wort is widely used to treat depression. However, it interferes with some HIV medications. Fact Sheet 729 has more about St. John's Wort. Be sure to tell your health care provider if you are... Read more »

An Overview of Fuzeon (Enfuvirtide, T-20)

...entering human cells. HIV/AIDS-Related Uses Enfuvirtide was approved by the FDA on March 13, 2003, for use with other anti-HIV drugs in the treatment of HIV infection. It is the first fusion inhibitor approved by the FDA. Enfuvirtide is... Read more »

An Overview of Norvir (Ritonavir)

...in the treatment of HIV infection in adults and children 2 years of age or older. Ritonavir is now approved with other anti-HIV drugs in the treatment of HIV-1 infection in children in individuals over 1 month in age. Studies have shown that... Read more »
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HIV Drugs and the HIV Lifecycle

... Table of Contents The Basics The HIV Lifecycle Approved HIV Drugs Combining HIV Drugs The Bottom Line The Basics HIV drugs cannot cure HIV but they can help you stay healthy by preventingthe Read more »
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Posted by bura, 3 Replies
As per the title, is there really such a thing? Read more »

Am I Infected

Posted by delhiguy, 3 Replies
I am 30 YO guy. Worried that I may have got infected. I met this friend of mine on 5th of Dec 2010 which was just a causual meeting after 5 years. After having drinks she started touching me and I got aroused and we end up mating. While in act, she... Read more »

Excessive Mastubation

Posted by Anonymous, 5 Replies
Ever since I found out that I'm poz, I've been spending a lot more time mastubating. Is that normal? Or could it be because of the amount of time I've been spending reading posts about sexual issues? Pleasing myself has become an every day thing... Read more »

hiv hep c

Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply
...still having symptoms having brown plaque on tongue cannot go to the mouth room severe constipation having numbness in in hands insomina sleep apnea swollen eye lids constant grumbling in stomach swollen saliva gland ears still Read more »
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