When A Woman With Hiv Gives Birth Naturally What Are The Risks

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Natural Birth for HIV+ Woman

What are the risks for an HIV woman that has already given birth by C-section over 2 years ago and wishes to have a natural birth this time? Her count is very low almost undetectable.
Katherine Luzuriaga, M.D.

Response from Katherine Luzuriaga, M.D.

University of Massachusetts, Medical School
...antiretroviral treatment, the chance of transmitting the virus to your baby is very low and vaginal delivery can be considered. Many women can safely delivery a baby vaginally after a prior C-section. However, you should consult with your... Read more »


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Number of HIV-Infected Women Giving Birth in U.S. Increased 40% From 2000 to 2006, Estimates Show

...message is that, obviously, prevention and services need to be targeted at this growing number of [HIV-infected] women who are giving birth, and that we need better information on the group of women we're looking at. At this point, we have no... Read more »
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Many Black, HIV-Infected Women in Mississippi Are Lost to Care After Giving Birth

...been decreasing mother-to-child transmission and we've done fabulous on that. But the question remains, what happens to the woman after the baby is born and the baby is negative? Very disappointingly, we found that almost half of the women... Read more »
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Glaser Foundation Program Trains HIV-Positive Pregnant Women to Administer Nevirapine to Infants Following Home Births

...... consequently destroying it." Salmond said that the government must train midwives to administer the drug if the pregnant woman is unable to, adding that male involvement and support is "very important." According to Bitarakwate, the program... Read more »
Seattle Treatment Education Project

Viramune Affects Birth Control in HIV+ Women

...birth control pill Ortho-Novum, thereby reducing its effectiveness as a contraceptive. A recent study was conducted on HIV+ women who were taking both Viramune and Ortho-Novum. The women were all stable on the antiretroviral therapy, had CD4... Read more »
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Childbirth Ed for HIV positive women

Posted by Anonymous
...The Sister's Upper Room is an Alternative Women's Health practice in Harlem that offers both traditional and holistic services to women. In addition we offer Women's healthcare Read more »

Having a baby when you are HIV+

Posted by Anonymous, 11 Replies
... Having a Baby when you're HIV Positive I'm a 23 year old HIV positive woman considering having a child with my HIV negative husband. Anyone have any experience with this. I know about the sperm washing Read more »


Posted by Anonymous, 3 Replies
...A user in the other section said she sat on a needle and got HIV, its very possible and it has happened before, my question is has anyone ever heard of this happening ? and do they know anyone Read more »

currently pregnant/recently gave birth

Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply
...available and optimal treatments for HIV-positive individuals who are choosing to have children. I am interested in speaking with women who recently gave birth or who are currently pregnant for my story. If you are interested in speaking with me... Read more »
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