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What Is Candidiasis In The Skin And Nails

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Systemic Candidiasis

Table of Contents Cause Diagnosis Treatment Antifungal Drugs and Pregnancy Side Effects The Problem of Antifungal Resistance Drug Interactions Preventing Fungal Infections Naturally Chart for Treating Candidiasis Candidiasis is a fungal infection and among the most common conditions seen in people with HIV. While candidiasis is a rather common condition in general, it's often the first illness and sign that HIV disease is...
Ask the Experts

risk of getting hiv from small peeling skin and red thin skin around the nail?

i have a question for you mister shannon r.shouthall. Would a small peeling skin near your nail consider an open wound(not bleeding of hurt)? Or the skin around the nail which always a little red and thin,even hurt when you press it since you have a...
Shannon Southall

Response from Shannon Southall

Rocky Mountain CARES
HiThere has never been a known case of HIV transmission by fingering or any other sort of hand-genital contact. A cut risks HIV only if large, deep, and actively bleeding. The reason being is that HIV is looking for cells to replicate themselves... Read more »

Skin under the nail???

I cut the nails of my fingers quite short and the skin under the nail of my right thumb felt somehow burning and hurt a little, however it did not bleed. Can blood coming in contact with this place (irritated but not bleeding skin under the nail) be...
Richard Cordova III

Response from Richard Cordova III

Test Positive Aware Network
Hi there:HIV needs direct access to the blood stream. That means, a fresh bleeding cut or other portal of entry, that HIV can use to gain entry into your body. In this case, there was no portal of entry.Bottom line: No risk. In health,Richard... Read more »

Nails and skin

Hello, and thanks for your help - this site has been a great support to me. Diagnosed in Nov'02, I have been on Sustiva/Combivir since Feb, and last count was CD4 568, VL 150. No current side effects other than splitting/cracking nails and dry...
Keith Henry, M.D.

Response from Keith Henry, M.D.

University of Minnesota, School of Medicine
That is tough to sort out. The complaint of xerodermia is common in the general population. It is perhaps even more common in HIV+ persons including in the days before treatment was available. Add the fact that some drugs seemed to aggravate the... Read more »

Diagnosing Erythematous Candidiasis

Dr. Reznik, How difficult is it to diagnose erythematous candidiasis? Starting last November, I developed these flat red patches on my tounge (mainly the tip). In the morning, they usually have a faint white outline that goes away after I eat or...
David A. Reznik, D.D.S.

Response from David A. Reznik, D.D.S.

Grady Health System
Erythematous candidiasis is diagnosed by appearance taking into consideration the patient's underlying medical condition or medications they may be on. It is possible to perform a lab test (KOH stain) to confirm the diagnosis, but the results... Read more »
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erythematous candidiasis

Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply
After as exposure in January i had lots of problems with teeths, a month after i get red spots in my mouth in the roof, its always there and hurts a lot and are always burning. Could it be something transmited by mouth??? i made a negative Elisa.... Read more »

itchy vagina? vaginal candidiasis

Posted by wishingforacure, 3 Replies
I am HIV+ and recently my vagina has been itchy. Usually before I get my period. I don't have any STI's. The doctor said this may happen more often since I am HIV+. Is anyone experiencing this? Is there any way to get rid of it or make it better?... Read more »

Fingered my ex, used to be a nail biter

Posted by kryce, 1 Reply
So...I'm not sure whether or not my ex was hiv positive i'm hoping she wasn't she only had one partner before me...two if you count the guy who date raped her when she was in grade nine (this is the only reason why i'm worried) so I used to bite my... Read more »

What is a break in the skin?

Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply
Do any of you know what people actually mean when they say things like "HIV can be transmitted through a break in teh skin?" I am wondering because I bite my nails and the skin around my nails. It's a bad habit. Anyway, the skin won't often... Read more »